Friday, March 12, 2010

Quiet time...

If you are looking for some quiet time with God, have I got the solution for you! Get yourself a John Michael Talbot CD! I'm not kidding! This music is amazing! Are you stressed? Are you overwhelmed? Are you not feeling the closeness with the Lord the way you want to? Please try this CD! Click here to here this lovely song!

Healer of my soul
Keep me at the even'
Keep me at the morning
Keep me at noon
Healer of my soul
Keeper of my soul
On rough course faring
Help and safeguard my means this night
Keeper of my soul
I am tired, astray, and stumbling
Shield my soul from the snare of sin
Healer of my soul
Heal me at even'
Heal me at morning
Heal me at noon
Healer of my soul


Tracy said...

Oh, I so agree with you, isn't he just amazing!!

Colleen said...

I agree as well. Beautiful music.