Monday, April 12, 2010

Back from the abyss....

I'm back! It's been a roller coaster of an Easter break, but I think we are over the hump. My mother-in-law is home and recovering well. Thank you for your prayers on her behalf!

During the ride, we were able to take a few days to get away. We spent the night at Gold Head Branch State Park on Thursday. What a grand place! The kids had a ball! The best part about it was that it's just barely an hour away from home! Here is just peek at our adventure...

Moss Man greeted us as we entered the park!

The girls enjoying a snack after a 2 mile hike! Amelia had blisters!

Doesn't this tree just beg for an eagle perched on the top?

During our hike.

Our "happy place"!

Aren't they cute?


Gramma 2 Many said...

Glad to hear your MIL is improving. It is so stressful when those we love are ill, but of course you know that don't you?
Love the pictures, glad you were able to grab a few family minutes too.
I sent you an e-mail of FB. Have you gotten it?

Colleen said...

Glad your mother in law is recovering. That is wonderful that you were able to get away for a few days, Probably needed it! God bless!

Tracy said...

I'm so happy to hear the news of your MIL!! Great pics as well!!

aspiring... said...

Hi Nancy, I'm also glad for your good news about your mother-in-law. It makes such a good difference in life with family nearby to help and be helped by.

I've been reminiscing about Gold Head, looking at your photos. I visited there both as a daughter and as a mother off and on during my years in or near Jax. Same thing happened back when I first found your blog - I found photos taken in St. Augustine that you had posted.

God bless you, I pray :) ...

Mary333 said...

Great pictures, Nancy! I'm glad to hear that your MIL is recovering and you were able to take a little break from all the stress after. Your kids are adorable :)

Elizabeth said...

Hi Nancy,
Looks like a fun time. Thanks for your friendship.