Saturday, April 17, 2010

Pure Fashion

Today, my niece is participating in the 2010 Jacksonville Pure Fashion Show! This is where Jacksonville area high school models will showcase the latest outfits that are currently "trendy" yet tasteful, modern and still modest. Apparently, it will feature the newest spring fashions, shopping techniques and they will even have music by top ten Christian recording artist Jonny Diaz! One of the sponsors of this event is our local Christian music station 88.1 The Promise.

If any of you have spent any time at a mall will notice that what gets placed in the windows or on the mannequins of the most popular stores is all about sex. It's all about showing off as much of your body as you can get away with possible! I am glad to see that there is a program out there for young girls and boys who can still be fashionable with their clothing...but still be modest.

I will share some pictures with you at a later time. I hope to be able to bring you some great ideas and ways that we can keep our children pure at heart. Honestly, I think this could benefits a lot of parents with teenagers too. After all, they are the ones that allow these kids out of the house looking the way they do!


Frizzy and Bird said...

Very cool! I can't wait to see the pictures. I like your new layout Nancy.

aspiring... said...

Hi Nancy,

I'm looking forward to your photos too... :)

I'm remembering a Relevant Radio interview several years ago with the editor of a new Catholic or Catholic-oriented magazine for girls. I remember being impressed with their goals, and with the way I saw it could off-set poor influence not by arguing it but by ignoring it basically and going beyond it, opting for something better. Modesty was a key area of focus. I just did a search and it seems it was successful and is still being published.

For anyone interested it's called True Girl Magazine, with a website, too. (.org maybe? I can't remember).

God bless you and yours dear heart, <3, aspiring...

aspiring... said...


just remembered...

The topic of modesty is beautifully and very pertinently presented at a post I read recently at the blog "louange de sa gloire" (praise of his glory), administed by ocd sister. It's applicable to anyone at all, including young people, and just might be helpful to a parent in need of a way to discuss these things.

If interested, here's the site

I love the title of your post, too, by the way, Nancy.