Saturday, April 3, 2010

Thank goodness!

I was so worried about my mother in law yesterday morning when I left her! However, through out the day, she perked up! They took off the Bipap (this is wonderful news) and she was even able to get out of bed and sit in a chair for awhile. When I returned yesterday was like she had done a complete 180! We spent about 2 hours together! She was fully awake and was moving around all by herself! They will start her on some clear liquids today! As I sit here and think about it....I think it's been almost one week since she's had anything to eat. I have a feeling that once she eats some real food....this might improve her strength significantly!

Except for the fact that she was so ill, I've truly enjoyed being with her. She is one of my most favorite people in the entire world. I feel closer to her than I do just about anybody else! Her influence on me as a mother, as a wife and as a Catholic has been profound! She is more than my husband's mother....she is my friend! It has been a privilege to help to take care of her.

I know that your prayers have helped her to get better so quickly. I will forever be grateful to my online friends for your willingness to immediately bring my needs and prayer requests before the Lord!

Have a Blessed Easter! I will see you next week!

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Mary333 said...

That's great news, Nancy! I hope she continues to improve each day! I wish you all a Happy Easter :)