Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Love Your Neighbor-Receive the Spirit

May 11 Meditation

How do we come to know that we have received the Holy Spirit? We must question our own heart. If we love our neighbor, the Spirit of God dwells in us. We must put ourselves to the test before God by seeing if there is in us love for peace and unity and love for the Church spread throughout the world. -St. Augustine Sermon on John 1:6, 10

Prayer: O Lord my God, let my soul praise You that it may love You. And let it recount to You Your mercies that it may praise You for them all. -St. Augustine Confessions 5, 11

Lord Jesus, do I love my neighbor enough? How can I know? Please show me!

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Frizzy and Bird said...

Thank you for sharing these this morning. A great way to start the day off. Will pray that I keep these thoughts in my mind as I go about my day and interact with others.