Friday, May 7, 2010

Oh My Heavens!

I just hit PAY DIRT!!!  You have GOT to visit Monica at Lick The Bowl Good!!  Browse through her "kid friendly" recipes!  Clearly, I was not standing in the "Photography" or "Cooking" line when God was handing out talent............I was over in the "Procrastination" line...which is in between the "Frumpy Dress"  and  "Gray Hair Early" lines!  Nevertheless, I'm happy to live vicariously through Monica! :0)


Monica H said...

You are too funny and kind! Thank you so much for the confidence boost and the shout out!

Mary333 said...

Nancy, you are so funny! The person behind you in the last couple of lines was me ;) Just thought you might like to know!
I could use some "kid friendly" recipes. Thanks for the link.

Including the "frumpy dress" line! (Do I even own a dress? I'm not sure ;) )

Abbey said...

TOTALLY FUNNY!! Where do you come up with this "stuff"? LOL!

Therese said...

Are you stalking me in the lines??? Is my gray THAT BAD???? Seriously-can't wait to check it out! Love you!