Saturday, May 8, 2010

Spiritual Progress Draws Detractors

May 8th Meditation

People who change their way of life and begin to think about making spiritual progress also begin to suffer from the tongues of detractors.  Whoever has not yet suffered this trial has not yet made progress, and whoever is not ready to suffer it does not even endeavor to progress.  -St. Augustine Commentary on Psalm 119,3

Prayer: Come to my aid, O God, the one eternal, true reality!  In You there is no strife, no disorder, no change, no need, and no death; only supreme charity, supreme permanence, supreme fullness, and supreme life.  -St. Augustine Soliloquies 1,1

O God, may I suffer the tongues of detractors for your sake!


Mary333 said...

Isn't this the truth! No wonder Jesus says we will be persecuted for His sake. More than ever these days Christians are mocked and laughed at for their faith. I liked the prayer. St. Augustine is another favorite of mine because he was wicked before he was good ;) Probably why I love St. Paul so much, too.
Thank you, Nancy for your wonderful comment on my healing. I know that you understand how bad things can get for a mother who is ill. You know my prayers are with you that you stay healthy. We do the best we can while we are ill but things sure do get easier when we feel good!

aspiring... said...

I've got a lot of catch up reading to do here I KNOW I KNOW :) ! Just a note to say hello and that I think of you often as always. Again, my dh was in Jax - this week I think? But, again, alas, not me. I'm sorry to be away so long - just plain busyness. I have missed you. The meditations you're posting look veeerrry interesting. Be back as soon as I can. <3, aspiring...