Monday, June 7, 2010

Half a Century!

My wonderful husband is turning 50 on Wednesday! He is the last one of his siblings to reach this milestone! Our kids can't believe that anyone could turn 50....."It's so old, Daddy"! Considering the fact that I am only a short 5 years behind him, I don't think it's so old anymore!

Anyway, we are planning a hug party on Saturday! Our Jamaican neighbors are roasting an ENTIRE PIG for our feast! Also on the menu is.....baked beans, chips/dip and other snacks, birthday cake/cupcakes, and ice cream! Dan doesn't want any gifts so instead, we've asked those attending to bring a covered dish to share for the celebration!

The party will be at his mom and dad's house. He wants to show off the beautiful deck he just built in their back yard!

Does this mean we would now be considered "middle aged"? It's quite an interesting phenomenon to consider that the older you get....the faster time goes by. After all, it seems like just yesterday that I was pregnant with Nathan....and here he is, about to turn ten!

Well...if I had my way, God would have created all of us with a pause button so we could enjoy our kids just a little longer.....just to freeze one moment to be lived more fully. Sigh

I will most certainly share the celebration photos! In the meantime, I've got lots to do between now and Saturday! Have a blessed week!


Mary333 said...

Happy Birthday to Dan! The party sounds awesome! Quite the (middle-aged) spread!

Just kidding ;) 50 is only old when you are 20.

Ambrose said...

Have a fantastic week! Fifty still feels young when you have little kids around (ask my husband!)
Happy Birthday Dan!

Therese said...

Happy Birthday, Dan! And no, you are NOT middle aged! ;)

aspiring... said...

In unison with everyone, Happy Birthday to Dan!

Here's an idea you might like, for Dan now or, better yet, for when you turn 50. Give each party-goer a sticker to wear depending on their age. Create them using standard address labels The 30-to-a-page size is perfect. Those who are age 50 and older get one with a very happy happy face with '50' in a big font and this message: 'been there done that.' Denoting survival and celebration and accomplishment and prestige, etc. Those who are under 50 get one with a horrified face and '50' in a big scary looking Halloween font with the message: 'I too shall become 50'. This second one serves to interject all in good fun a bit of reality and balance to their perspective. In any event, enjoy the festivities

God bless you and yours now and always, I pray...

Colleen said...

Happy birthday to Dan! Have fun!

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