Wednesday, June 30, 2010

It's Here!

The big brown truck stopped at our house today and left us two big boxes full of school books! I'm not sure who was more or the kids! Olivia wanted to start some school work right then!

I'm so thankful for a company like Catholic Heritage Curricula! For one thing, as a new homeschooling mom, this whole thing can be quite overwhelming and they really put me at ease and walked me through the whole process. CHC's customer service is excellent! I emailed Theresa with questions and got an answer back almost immediately. Their website is very user friendly and they allow you to create "wish lists" so you have very easy access to those materials that you'd really like to have...but can't quite afford at the moment!

I thought I would share what each of my kids will be working on when school starts! If you're a veteran homeschooler and are bored to tears with this sort of thing....just skip on down to the bottom!

CHC Lesson Plans: Fourth Grade
The Father Brown Reader
Rare Catholic Stories
My Catholic Speller: Level C
Language of God: Level C
Saxon Math 5/4
Behold and See 4: Human Anatomy & Health
Faith & Life Series: Grade 4
1001 Facts for Your Catholic Geography Bee
Called to Serve: A Guidebook for Altar Servers

CHC Lesson Plans: First Grade
Little Stories for Little Folks: Catholic Phonics Readers
What Do You Like To Do....Catholic Easy Reader & Keepsake Journal
My Very First Catholic Speller
Catholic Heritage Handwriting: Level 1
Easy as 1,2,3: A Catholic Overview of Science for the Primary Grades
MCP Mathematics 2005 Edition: Level 1
Faith & Life Series: Grade 1
New Catholic Picture Bible

CHC Lesson Plans: Preschool-Kindergarten
I Can Find Letter Sounds
I Can Find Numbers & Shapes
Little Folks Letter Practice

You can click on any of these titles to get a closer look at the book....even see some sample pages! The lessons plans are perfect for a first time homeschooling mom who doesn't have a clue about how to put lesson plans together!

What sold me on CHC's program is that it seems very gentle and light and it is solidly Catholic! As a matter of fact, when Nathan picked up his speller, he said "Hey mom, even the spelling book is holy"! I guess you can't ask for more than that!

I guess I will be spending the next several weeks familiarizing myself with all the material and getting ready for our first day. When will our first day be, you ask? I don't have any idea! Most likely, it will be sometime in September....although I'm not so sure the kids will be able to wait that long...especially when a lot of their friends go back to school in early August. We'll have to wait and see.

Here are some pictures of our materials that came today!


Therese said...

How very exciting! I love new books-especially new schoolbooks!

Mum2eight said...

oh I am so excited for you Nancy. It was a big step for me to start home school but I was so excited too.

Prayers as you get everything set up and adjust to your new routine.

When does school start for you guys?

Cathy LeBlanc said...

how fun!! I can't wait to get our school books in, too, but I haven't ordered them yet. I have got to get my school cabinet in order before I re-stock it for next year! Good luck!!

Cay said...

We love CHC. Excited for you, Nancy. :-)

Owner of Homeschool Faith and Family Life Website said...

Bored to tears?!? Are you KIDDING?
I am sooooo excited seeing your new books!!!!
We are using MANY of the same!
Thanks for the tip on the altar server's guide...didn't know they had that! Can't wait to get it for my boys!
Also looking forward to checking out Olivia's things more closely as I've never purchased the pre-k or K items from CHC ...and I'm looking for some new ideas for Sarah! Thanks Nancy!
What a FUN day for your family!
And I love the new background here!

Colleen said...

How exciting!! I feel excited for you. Hugs!

Jenn L said...

Who Hoo! How exciting! If you think of it, please share the Altar Server's Guide w/ the person/s now doing the formation (the sisters?)...a lot of people had asked for one.

Tara B. said...

I LOVE getting a big box of new school books!

I've enjoyed your blog. Your 4th of July looked like great fun! I loved all the patriotic treats!