Monday, June 21, 2010

News Flash!!!

  • I have been keeping up with my GOOGLE READER for over a week now! Yes, it's true! I finally figured out that all I need is about 10 minutes every morning....BEFORE the kids get up, to quickly scan through them. Mondays are a little different, there were 79 to read this morning and it took me a little longer. But this system is working for me and I feel as though I'm keeping up with all of my wonderful blogging friends. Now, I realize that at some point, a wrench will be thrown and I'll get backed up again.....but...THIS IS WORKING FOR ME!! Whoo-Hoooo!
  • NEW BLOG ALERT: I want to share with you my new favorite place to visit....The Idea Room! Go check it out!
  • I planned to take the kids to the library today. I checked the website last night because their hours have changed...and I find out that my library card is BLOCKED because I owe $12.80 in back taxes fees! I find it interesting that you can not make a mortgage payment for a year or more....and STILL LIVE in the house, but, owe less than $15 in library fees, and you're stuck! Interesting!
  • This is our week to have the "Traveling Madonna" at our house. The beautiful statue of Our Lady of Fatima arrived last night! This will be a week of special rosaries and prayer time for us! If you have a special prayer request, please let me know, I would be glad to ask Our Lady to place those prayers at the foot of the Cross for you!

That's all for now! Have a blessed week!


Abbey said...

Oh Nancy, I would so appreciate you adding a petition for my son, who lost his job, and for me, who has gained so much weight and I am beginning a diet and exercise regimen today. Also, please pray for the homeless, the hungry, the lives of the unborn, and our country's safety.

Many blessings and thanks,

SAHMinIL said...

Google Reader is the only way I'm able to keep on all the blogs, sites, an things I choose to follow. I may not read everything in great detail, but I do get a sense of what's going on in the blogosphere.

Sarah Oldham said...

Please pray that whatever mysterious intestinal junk running through me and the kids goes away. Merci!

Oh, and what is Google reader?

Stela James said...
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Mum2eight said...

Google reader is the way I keep up with all my favourite blogs. I try and get 15 minutes each morning and 15 minutes each night. If I am up to date, that is enough for me.