Friday, July 23, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 1)

We're getting ready to take Nathan to summer camp on Sunday.  I have that queasy feeling in my stomach again!  Some of you might remember how I agonized over this last year.  Anyway, the good news is that this year, he will be in the Ocala National Forest (2 hours away) instead of Northern Georgia (7 hours away).  This means that WE WILL DRIVE HIM TO CAMP and participate in the opening mass!  This will make things much more tolerable for his "worry-wart" mother!

The laundry basket with clean and folded laundry is still sitting on the edge of the couch where I put it LAST SATURDAY night!  It seems that I'm the only person living in this house with ARMS!

I believe that I've come to the point in my life where I can't watch the news.  The things that are going on in this country have me, at times, in an altered level of consciousness (or ALOC for any medical people out there).  Am I the only one who gets sick to their stomach when contemplating all things political?  I mean, I think there should be a seizure warning posted before watching Robert Gibbs take questions.

I am just about finished with curriculum planning for the upcoming school year!  I have two small purchases to make and I'll be done!  This has been a very exciting process!  Everyone is itching to get started, but we've tentatively marked the second week of September as our official start week!  We have a surprise trip planned for the kids the week before Labor Day so we'll wait until AFTER that to start school.  I will take the kids shopping for some supplies as we get closer.  There is nothing like starting off the school year with a brand new box of sharpened crayons!

It's my understanding that the Federal Government has extended unemployment benefits to 99 weeks (in states hardest hit by the recession).  You read that right...99 weeks!  99 WEEKS PEOPLE!  I remember many years ago when my mom lost her job to downsizing.  She spent her 6 WEEKS of unemployment working like a dog to find a job before her unemployment ran out.  She applied  for an extension and was granted an extra 6 weeks.  It took her another 4 months to find a job.  During that time, she had to move and her car sat idle for a long time because she couldn't afford to put gas in it.  Thankfully, now there's no rush to get a job.

Is it me or is my sarcasm shining like a light in the darkness this morning?

I'm so ready for the weather to get cooler!  It has been so terribly HOT here this summer!  I realize that I live in Florida...but there have been days when even the cats have been panting!  It's just no fun to be outside when it's that hot!  We live about 14 miles from the ocean so those afternoon sea breezes do not usually make it to us.  I guess I'll need to remind myself of this come February when a thin layer of ice appears on my windshield.

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aspiring... said...

"laundry sitting on the edge of the couch where I put it LAST SATURDAY night!"
All I can say is glad I'm not the only one :) .

"I think there should be a seizure warning posted before watching" [the news].
I LOVELOVELOVE this idea! I lovelovelove imagining such legislation... haha!

"is my sarcasm shining"
Yes it is! I sent you an email about that very topic, too :) !

"so terribly HOT here this summer"
There's free a/c in the north :) . I'm a big fan of the north for that reason.

"two small purchases to make and I'll be done"
This must all of it be so exciting. I both admire and almost-even-envy those who pursue homeschooling.

With love...

Therese said...

Great post! I have to agree on the news...too much!

Katie said...

I cannot watch the news either! And, I am gald you mentioned the sarcasm comment . . . I was not sure you were really thought that 99 weeks was a good thing or not! Sometimes sarcasm is hard to pick up in print!

Mary333 said...

Oh yes, I remember Nathan's camping trip last year. He came home with H1N1 - no wonder you get queasy when he goes!

If it makes you feel better it's so humid here that you can SEE it. I thought it might make you feel a bit better to know that I'm panting, too :)