Saturday, August 28, 2010

Saint Maria Goretti

We watched this movie last night.  WOW!  It was a good movie, if such subject matter can be deemed as "good".  Thankfully, the girls had already gone to bed.   Parts of it were definitely hard to watch.  To think that her life came to such a violent end was almost more than I could stand.  She had such a heart for God! 

The attacker stabbed Maria (11 years old) several times.  After enduring the attack, she also had to suffer through surgery without anesthesia.  She forgave her attacker before she died even going so far as to say that she wanted him in heaven with her.  At some point, he repented and he was in attendance at her canonization.

When Dan and I were in Rome for our anniversary in 2007, we were blessed to be able to visit  Our Lady of Mercy in Nettuno where Maria's remains are interred.  Below is a picture of the Church.

I would recommend the movie, however, I would watch it yourself first before you let any of the littles in your home see it.  It's in Italian but dubbed in English.


Mum2eight said...

Our 15 year old daughter took St. Maria Goretti as her patron for Confirmation. I didn't realise there was a movie about her. I will have to see if we can buy it.

Renee Clayton said...

She is a very dear saint for my family. My brother came to a similar end. St. Maria Goretti has given our family hope and comfort and a realization how important such purity is.