Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Week 3: Fish

Amelia's first grade science has us learning about FISH this week!  The first week was MAMMALS  and last week was BIRDS.

I am really enjoying these themed science units.  The curriculum gives us the theme and then leaves the rest up to us!  Our routine has been to gather and read lots of books from the library and to do a craft.  I also have her to some copy work.

For our MAMMAL unit, we did a collage.  We kept it displayed for the week, but I've since taken it down so there is no picture.  For our BIRD unit, we just made sure that our bird feeders were all filled up.  We were going to do a home made feeder (pine cones, peanut butter & bird seed) but, there are very few pine cones on the ground right now.  I did find a couple, but they were still immature.  I could have gone to the craft store and bought some, but this just didn't seem like the right thing to do.  We'll save this activity for another time.

This week, we made an "easy-peasy" paper plate craft:

What are you doing for science?


Jen Ambrose said...

We've been focusing on seeds and plants first, watching our sprouts on a root viewer. Then we will probably go back to dinosaurs since we might go on another dig this fall. I wanted to do some more on plants and farming, too, before winter.
We'll see what comes after that.

Nancy said...

Jen...Dinosaurs! Wow...now that would be fun! Unfortunately, I don't think they've ever found any bones here in Florida. To be able to go to a dig....that would have to be on top of the list of exciting things to do!
I don't have a green thumb...at all. However, Dan does and we're hoping to a little planting soon.
Please share some pictures of what you're doing...if you can!

Jenny said...

I just hopped over from Praying for Grace because we, too, are using CHC for our first grader and are on week 3! I am so glad we decided to go with CHC this year.

Sarah Oldham said...