Saturday, August 14, 2010

We're starting Monday!

Well, we've decided to start school on Monday instead of waiting until September!  The kids are just getting too restless.  It's time for some STRUCTURE!  The parish school where they've been attending started on Wednesday of this week.  All three of them looked at me with those puppy eyes that said "mom, can't WE start school too?"

Well, I'm not completely prepared to start on Monday....but I think we can do it.  I've spent the last several weeks getting the house ready for school.  I've cleaned out ALL of our bookshelves.  I've given away a lot and I've also acquired some new and different books from a few friends.  I went through ALL of our VHS/DVDs and was able to eliminate several...including about 21 that we had two copies of.

Here's my list of tasks COMPLETED:

1.  Totally cleaned out and reorganized the entertainment center and large bookshelves
2.  Individual curriculum shelves for each child
3.  Plastic drawers reorganized and cleaned out
4.  Activity shelves reorganized
5.  School supplies purchased and separated in a supply caddy
6.  New chore charts
7.  Created the "Widener Family Homeschooling Rules"
8.  Signed all three kids up for an art class on Thursdays (doesn't start until September)
9.  Signed Amelia and Olivia up for Ballet/Tap class on Mondays (doesn't start until September)

Here's my list of tasks that STILL NEED TO BE DONE:

1.  Library books needed for next week (Ouch...I totally forgot about this one)
2.  Moving some furniture around (entails getting two pieces out of the garage...will do this on Monday)
3.  Purchase new table cloth for dining room table (we'll be doing school there)
4.  Plan a special breakfast for our first day

Over the years (and especially over the last two months) I have prayed about homeschooling, researched about homeschooling, read over tons of homeschooling curriculum, read several books on homeschooling, met some wonderful homeschooling families, followed lots of homeschooling blogs, dreamed about homeschooling, talked about homeschooling.....blah, blah, blah.  NOW it's time to actually DO IT!

Please pray for us as we begin our journey!  We will be praying for all of you, too!


Laura said...

Have a great year! Homeschooling is a terrific option and there are so many great resources out there.

Therese said...

You know I am praying for you!!! Good luck! HUGS!

aspiring... said...

As you said, "Over the years ... I have prayed about homeschooling, researched ..., read ..., met [people], followed lots of blogs, dreamed ..., talked about ... NOW it's time to actually DO IT!"

Which leads me to this thought. You're an inspiration, Nancy. To me specifically in terms of my own dream. To anyone with a dream. There should "come a time," shouldn't there...

My best wishes, and mindful and heartful prayer are yours. Thanks for your prayer, too :) .