Sunday, September 5, 2010

Good to Know!!

Olivia came inside yesterday afternoon COMPLETELY covered in mud and leaves.  There was no way to get her cleaned off without a bath.  As I was washing her hair, she looked at me and said, "Mom, do you know what it means when you are outside playing and you get really dirty?  It means that you're having the most fun ever!"  This was really good to know because I can be a little "uptight" about things like that.  It seems that no amount of Oxyclean or Spray-n-Wash can get the stains out of their clothes and their feet are always dirty.  However, Olivia reminded me of what is truly important.  They are KIDS!  It's SUMMER!  They need to be able to play and dig and be creative and GET DIRTY!  I need to lighten up!

We are currently in the throes of packing for our vacation!  We leave on Tuesday for Tennessee!  This will be the first time all 5 of us will be in the same car for 11 HOURS!  We've managed to get a weeks worth of clothes for all of us in only 2 suitcases!  Thankfully, there is a washer and dryer in our cabin.  Get ready for for lots of pictures when we return!

By the way, I want to thank all of you for your words of wisdom and encouragement with the whole "diet coke" thing!  I made it almost 48 hours without ANY!  Today I've had mostly water and right now I'm drinking Crystal Lite's Pink Lemonade!

Oh, and one more thing, I'm working on a complete blog make over!  Hopefully it will be completed sometime next month.  Thanks for your patience.



Barb, sfo said...

The dirtier they get, the more fun they had. Unfortunately this is true even when they are older and insist on WHITE sweat pants that they then wear on athletic fields, over their bare feet so the bottom of the sweats are acting as "shoes." There is no hope for those pants. And my teenage daughter doesn't care!

Mary333 said...

I can relate! Michaela loves to get dirty too. I go through tons of Oxyclean.

How did you cram everything into two suitcases? I should have you give me packing lessons. We bring WAY too much to the beach each year.

Congrats on the Diet Coke thing and enjoy your trip!

Frizzy and Bird said...

I'm thinking our girls would have a blast together. Did you laugh when she informed you of her wisdom? Gotta love our kids for keeping us honest and attempting to help us chill out.

Abbey said...

They're only little once, so let them get dirty and play lots! I wish I were going to the moutains ... are you going to Gatlinburg? It's about five hours for us.

Hope you all have a great time and a safe trip.