Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Looking ahead to October

I have begun planning our calendar for the month of October. I had no idea it was such a busy month! I'm sure you already know about Columbus Day and Halloween, but I bet you didn't know about these special days....


1st-7th Get Organized Week (Ok, this is a joke, right? How have I lived for 45 years and I never knew that there was an entire week dedicated to this!!)

2nd International Frugal Fun Day (Frugal? Did someone say Frugal? Have fun "on the cheap" that's a day to celebrate!)

5th National Fire Prevention and National Apple Betty Day (I'm not sure what Smokey The Bear has in common with apples and buttered crumbs...but when butter is involved...who really cares!)

10th National Angel Food Cake Day (Is there, by any chance, a National Chocolate Cake Day? I only ask because I don't think angel food cake is worth an ENTIRE day!)

11th National Sausage Pizza Day (Now...this is right up my alley!)

15th National Grouch Day (Excuse me...did anyone consult my husband when scheduling this?)

16th National Dictionary Day (I think honoring Noah Webster is a fantasticalous idea! Wait! That may not be a word...I should look it up!)

20th National Brandied Fruit Day (When do we start?)

21st National Reptile Awareness Day (Um, ok...I live in Florida, I'm already quite aware!!)

23rd National Mole Day (that's as in molecule.....Chemistry anyone?)

24th National Bologna Day (here's another holiday that I've missed out on for too many years! Guess what we're going to have for lunch on this day? Go ahead, guess!)

25th National Greasy Food Day (Why am I not surprised!)

29th National Oatmeal Day (Finally! Something healthy!)

After looking at this list (and there were many others that I didn't mention), America is clearly obsessed with food! I've always known that our portion sizes are out of control. This was confirmed for me when Dan and I traveled to Rome in 2007. I'll grant you that most of the places we dined served "family style", but, the ones that didn't served much smaller portions than we're used to.

I'm not exactly sure why this October Planning post turned out to be mostly about food. Perhaps it's because I'm really hungry right now! Either way, I'd like to know what your plans are for the upcoming month. Please share!


Abbey said...

Just what I DON'T need ... feast days for foods!! Fun post!

Abbey ♥

Anonymous said...

LOVE THIS POST! but you are making me hungry!

Allison said...

I will say that I think Angel Food Cake deserves a full day, I love the stuff! Chocolate cake? Nah. I'm not big on chocolate.

But I agree, now I'm hungry!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nancy,
I have one more for you? My Birthday. LOL Yes we are OCD with food. Look at all the health problems. :) I have enjoyed reading about your trip.

Mary333 said...

Your thoughts on these days cracked me up!

Barb, sfo said...

Those are such fun! Thanks for listing them all--maybe I can work something in for some of them.