Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sharing a post.

During my blog reading this week, I came across two posts that really touched my heart.  If you are a follower of Judy from benmakesten, then you've already read the posts and were probably just as touched as I was.  However, if you aren't one of Judy's really should be!  With Judy's permission, here are the links to those posts....

The first post is called Outward Appearances!  God Bless Judy for posting this!  I think every parent should read it!  Here is a portion of the post:

We are made in the image and likeness of God.  By virtue of the grace of our Baptism, we have HIS life in  us.  All that we think, say, and do is supposed to reflect His image and draw others nearer to Him.  All that we think, say, and do is to bring Him glory.  In the words of the great John, the Baptist, (whom Jesus said was the wisest man next to Solomon to ever have lived), "I must now decrease so that HE may increase".

The second post that I wanted to share is called "Virtues in Action".   Judy is a homeschooling mom and has figured out a great way to incorporate living the virtues in a very hands on way.  This is what she's doing:
 I decided to use a little classroom border decoration that we have as an activity on "virtues". Right above my computer area...we have a border that has pictures of kids holding signs with a single word on each one...the words are: Compassion, Perseverance, Trustworthiness, Responsibility, Fairness, Citizenship, Honesty, Self-Discipline, Respect, and Integrity. We are going to take one word at a time...make a larger sign and decorate it as the centerpiece for our dining table...and then spend the week, focused on that virtue...perhaps finding stories and articles which illustrate it...Scripture verses that refer to it...and discussion and activities that exemplify it  in our daily lives. With the LACK of these things that we have been experiencing in government, media, and at-large society...this just seemed like a good idea to me. Care to join us?


Frizzy and Bird said...

Sounds like she's a pretty darn wise mommy too. Just like you Nancy.

I've been trying to use juicy words like these to love on Yaya when I see her doing something kind, helpful or sweet. I want to encourage the good things she does more. As parents it's so easy to only correct the bad behaviors.

Abbey said...

How wonderful and creative! My daughter is like this with her children, doing their CCD at home. That came about because her youngest was in the First Holy Communion class this past Spring. When Reconciliation time came, he did not know The Act of Contrition after nine months in CCD at the parish!

Blessings all,
Abbey ♥