Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone!  I found a great post over at Tea at Trianon regarding the American origins of celebrating Halloween.

Here is a link to the article mentioned in the post and here is a direct link to Fr. Augustine Thompson's article.  Interesting stuff.  Another good article, Should Catholics Celebrate Halloween is worth the read?

Honestly, I never understood the big deal over little kids dressing up like their favorite cartoon characters or their favorite saints and going door to door for candy.  I don't allow my kids to dress up in anything "evil".  I don't see the point.  I think the "scariest" thing that ever came out of this house was a Ninja and that was because his favorite book at the time was the Magic Tree House:  Night of the Ninjas.  Of course, I wasn't aware at the time that there is also an apparent controversy over the Magic Tree House Books too. Sigh.

Whatever you choose to do tonight with your children, make sure it begins and ends in prayer....and enjoy!


Frizzy and Bird said...

I wanted to let you know we carved our pumpkin with the pumpkin prayer you shared. As I went over what each shape or thing we did meant Yaya's eyes grew big as saucers. She loved hearing about God's love for us through a pumpkin and how we get to share about God's word and light with those around us. I plan on keeping this as one of our Halloween traditions.

Nancy said...

Frizzy...I'm so glad you did this too! It was fun and I think the pumpkin looks pretty cool with heart eyes!

Colleen said...

I agree with you about Halloween. Kids just want to have fun. Why do grown-ups always want to mess that up?

Owner of Homeschool Faith and Family Life Website said...

We stopped participating in door to door the year we opened ours and a six foot tall satan was standing there. That did it for us.
The issue I have struggled with each year is that no one can seem to explain WHAT is being Christmas...we are celebrating the birth of Christ on earth...Easter...his Resurrection...Thanksgiving...our blessings and bountiful harvests...July 4th...a nation's independence....but WHAT, exactly is being celebrated on Halloween?
For me, it has become easier to go straight for the holy day, if you will...and celebrate ALL SAINTS DAY instead...for then, at least I can tell the kids WHAT is being celebrated. But that's just me.
Thanks for letting me share. LOVE YOUR PUMPKINS!!!

Mary333 said...

What do you mean controversy over the Magic Tree House Books? Will there be trouble over Disney Fairy Books next? Sigh. Maybe I just don't monitor my kid's books well enough. I've read a few MTH books with her in the past and they seemed fine.