Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I think they're trying to KILL me!

So, we had to run to the School Aids store today to get a few things laminated. THIS is the conversation that transpired on the way home:

Amelia: Mom, can you die in a tornado?

Mom: Yes.

Amelia: Well, what if you're in your backyard on a slide? Can the tornado get you there?

Mom: Yes, Amelia. It's best to be in a shelter of some sort when there is a tornado coming. Some cities have sirens that let you know when one is coming.

Amelia: (ponders that for a few seconds) Mom, what if you had a plastic playhouse outside in your backyard with a door that locked? Could it get you there?

Mom: YES, Amelia, it could quite possibly get you there too! (irritation is beginning to make an appearance)

Nathan: Mom, what if you were in a tornado shelter, like the kind that are underground?

Mom: Well, I think that's why they are underground as the tornado just moves over you but you're protected.

Nathan: How about if the door wouldn't lock and the wind blew it open? Could you get sucked out?

Mom: Sigh. I'm not sure if you could get sucked out, but I suppose it's possible.

Nathan: What if the door flew open but you were hiding in the corner under a table...would it suck you out then?

Mom: Forget the tornado!! You guys are seriously sucking my brains out right now! I don't know the answers to these questions but you have a book about tornadoes at home Nathan...look it up!

Some kids have the ability to literally remove every bit of brain matter that you thought you had in your skull....suck it dry and then leave you with nothing but a shell of the person you were before the questions began!

**we recently watched an episode of Storm Chasers**


Mum2eight said...

lol. My children are all wondering what I am laughing at. I suppose I can just imagine having a similar conversation with some of my children.

ChrisV said...

One of my daughters was obsessed w/tornadoes when she was younger. As I was driving she says "Mom, what if you looked out your window right now and there was a tornado right next to our car?What would you say?"
Me: I would say "AAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!! A tornado!!!!!"
Seriously, though.. when the homeschooling gets rough, as it does quite frequently, I just try and remember how many of these conversations wouldn't happen if they were in school all day. Makes the struggle worth it! Keep fighting the good fight Nancy!

Mary333 said...

Funny! There's no doubt that children help us grow in virtue, is there? We might end up bald from tearing all our hair out, but at least we'll be bald and patient ;)

Mum2eight said...
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Sarah Oldham said...

I have to chuckle . . . 'cos it was you and not me (this time). It gets more interesting the older they get, by the way. ;)

Barb, sfo said...

Having been a classroom teacher, I can tell you that this happens there too! LOL! Not all teachers are very good at derailing the kids' attempts to derail their lessons. My older son (in college now) was heard telling his sister (in high school now) which teachers could easily be distracted with questions.