Thursday, December 9, 2010

Did I really do that?

Confession time.  I'm going to tell you a HUGE secret, but you must promise NOT to tell anyone else!  Promise??  Ok, here goes....

I did something this past weekend that I've sworn for the last 35 years that I would NEVER do!  I've even looked down on those that have done this very thing!  I have rolled my eyes at those that have made the decision to do it!  I have mumbled under my breath at those that would dare to be so LAZY!  I have even poo-pooed the excuses that I've heard for the reason why someone would do this!  A Scripture comes to mind as I reflect on my abhorrent behavior:

“Do not judge, or you too will be judged"  Matthew 7:1 (NIV)

Are you ready for my confession?   Here goes.....I bought an artificial Christmas Tree this year!  Phew!  There, I said it!  What a relief!!  I've been carrying this burden around for almost 6 days and I couldn't stand it anymore!

Here are my excuses (you may begin rolling your own eyes now!): 

1.  There are not as many tree lots around town as there used to be!  I live in, balmy, Florida.  Cut Christmas trees don't last very long.  They drink up water like there's no tomorrow.   By the time the cut trees get here, they've already been severed from their life source for at least 4-5 days.  This means that by the time Christmas Day is here....most of the needles are lying on the floor deeply embedded into the carpet!

2.  Fresh trees are so expensive!  Around here, it's at least $7-$10 per foot!  Dan and I budget for our Christmas Holidays very carefully!  Our budget includes the tree, gift giving, parties, decorations and food!  When we buy a fresh tree.....that's half our budget right off the top!

Go ahead...mumble under your breath now about my laziness!

3.  The lights!  Need I say more?  I HATE putting the lights on the tree!  Dan will do it for me, but if the truth be told, he does a lousy job!  I like LOTS of lights and I swear, I have so much anxiety before decorating the tree that I need a good, stiff drink before I start!

4.  Did I mention that there won't be any needles remaining in my carpet until next December?  Oh, I did?  Well, did I mention that an artificial tree is cheaper and that you can buy one PRE-LIT???  Oh, yes, I guess I already mentioned those reasons!

5.  Well, here's another one...a much nicer, calmer mommy!  Hey, this is my first year of homeschooling....I'm delirious most of the time and if an artificial tree will bring me some comfort...SO BE IT!

It's a 7 ft tree that cost $88 at Walmart.  It has a two year warranty (if it lasts for two years, it's paid for itself).  It's pre-lit and if one bulb goes out....the rest of them STAY LIT!  It fits perfectly in our corner and all the branches are strong enough to hold even the heaviest of ornaments!  I'm pleased!

Isn't it purdy?
I hereby apologize to anyone whom I have offended by my snooty-tooty attitude about artificial trees!


Kara said...

We bought one a few yrs ago and love it. I miss fresh trees, the smell and all that, but I love the ease of the artificial tree. We live in AZ and have the same probs as you, real ones don't last at all.

Tracy said...

We bought one many years ago.. we love it... to each his own.. don't feel bad, I think your tree looks beautiful.

Mary333 said...

Good grief! I almost needed my reading glasses to see that whisper ;) SO, YOU BOUGHT AN ARTIFICIAL TREE, DID YA?!
Cool! It looks beautiful :)

Beth said...

We just bought our third artificial tree. The first one was not pre-lit and due to the same things you mentioned...the second and third trees are! I think we got 4 years out of the first tree and then sent it to a new home for further use. This is the sixth year for the current tree which will find a new home after this Christmas. The new one is waiting in the wings for next year!

Thia said...

Last year I wrote a post very much like this one, minus the Florida weather. Instead it's NY weather where there's snow and ice and much cold. Finding a tree with a bunch of small children in such conditions is NOT fun. And the last few days, I've been going around, thankful for the fake! Especially since we've already had over two feet of snow and the trees are all buried! I grew up in a family of "real tree only."....

Colleen said...

I bought one when my kids had gone thru a few years of real trees. I gave in and bought the artificial one and never regretted it. Your's looks beautiful!

Susan said...

Nancy, we've always had artificial trees. We paid close to $300 for one 2 Christmases ago.. and it'll last us several years, easily. Ours is also pre-lit, and it makes it easy. :) I think your tree is lovely. :) And nah, I'm not offended in the least. :) Actually, you made me giggle. :)

Our Family said...

This is a beautiful blog! And your Christmas Tree is gorgeous!

Frizzy and Bird said...

We're all about the artificial trees around here. I just can't see killing a tree for such a short time of enjoyment. I love our artificial pre lit tree. LOVE IT!

Welcome to the dark side. LOL

KathY said...

Right away, starting to read your post, I'm having a inkling that I might want to take notes. You're gonna get a play-by-play here.
Did you really do what?
OK I promise.
A secret. This is so exciting!
A big uh-oh. Sounds bad.
Do not judge, you say?
Nancy, I can't imagine! :) !
I'm ready I'm ready.
LOL! Your teeny tiny confession is so cute and funny.
But it's at odds with a big uh-oh.
Oh, wow, holding that in for 6 days is a long time my friend.
No, wait, after reading the excuses I'm inclined to think that the real burden was not the 6 days but the 35-years you deprived yourself of an artificial tree :) !
There's a lot to be said for easy and (more) affordable!

Oh my dear. I enjoyed that. What a great post, Nancy.

While I'm here, and in response to your earlier note, it was so nice to see you again. When I came across the older post that the other post came from I considered myself reminded, too...

God love you and bless you, KathyY

Sue Elvis said...

With an opening like that I just had to visit and find out more! We have just bought our first artificial tree too after 27 real ones. Pity the expense got too much. I shall miss the Christmas pine smell but yes, there are advantages. God bless

Owner of Homeschool Faith and Family Life Website said...

That tree is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!
You are too funny.
Growing up, we always had fake trees.
I always wanted real trees.
Our tree was fake and so small it fit on an end table top and I would raise the irritation of my family every single year as a kid because somehow, some way, I'd TRIP on the plug and knock the whole thing down!
Needless to say, I get real trees now, ha ha.

Barb, sfo said...

We always had fake trees in my house. My sister had severe asthma and real ones were out of the question. I've developed asthma as an adult, so fake trees are the way to go for us now too.
Put me in a house with a real tree and a cat, and I will last under 30 minutes before being unable to breathe.