Monday, April 4, 2011

Doing time.

I'm never going to get out of purgatory!  Can I shorten my time there by praying for myself......NOW?  Sigh.
It's LENT, for Pete's sake!  Why do I have to be so judgemental of people all the time? 

For the love of all that holy......WHY OH WHY do people come to Mass half naked?  Why do these young girls find it necessary to wear "cocktail" dresses to a Confirmation?  What part of sleeveless, strapless, boobs hanging out, bare backs and short skirts up to your crotch, says "appropriate attire for Mass" to these kids?  Tell me, I seriously want to know!

I don't get it!  Why weren't they STOPPED at the door and asked to cover themselves up....or better yet.....GO HOME AND CHANGE YOUR CLOTHES!  Who are their parents?  I have to believe that the parents aren't around because I can't believe that any parent would let their daughters out of the house looking like that.....especially going to CHURCH!!  I don't even think it's appropriate attire for the BEACH!

OK...I'm done now.....maybe I've only added a couple of years to my time.


Leticia said...

I like your ranting, I feel the same way, I don't think is being judgmental, is consideration for a Holy place, which is our Church and proper attire should be worn.


Sarah Oldham said...

It has been a real struggle to find something for Rachel to wear for Confirmation (and they have strict standards we've been reminded many many times to cover the shoulders, hem at the knees or longer, no plunging necklines etc.). I'm so grateful! There's no excuse for any young lady to come dressed like she's going to a cocktail party. If they do, I know I'll say something. I won't be able to help it. I'll be nice, but I'll say, "Lookee here, you had TIME to find a dress according to code, so what gives?!"

I'll sit in Purgatory with you, sweetie. It's a cleansing place. But, I doubt calling a spade a spade is the same as judging.

Jessica of Faustina Farm said...

No one told them it was wrong or why... Pop culture dresses that way for formal occasions. Try finding an affordable modest church dress for teens. This weekend I searched everywhere with my daughter for something for Easter. We came home empty handed. Why would a teen think there is anything wrong with that if it is all that is available? Sure wish I knew how to sew!

Michelle said...

This is why I'm glad I'm learning how to sew! Our only girl is only 7 months old. I figure I have many years to get good at it so I can make her something presentable when the time comes.

Beth said...

Sure, there is a lack of modest options for girls, but I can tell you from first hand experience, that many parents have no desire for their daughters to dress modestly. My husband was the YM at our former parish and was in charge of preparing the youth for Confirmation. He gave the dress code, like what Sarah mentioned above, and mothers called to complain to the pastor and the DRE and whoever else would listen about how "awful" the dress code was and that their daughters should be able to wear whatever they want.

Also, one of the Precepts of the church is to admonish the sinner. Immodest dress is a sin, there is nothing wrong with gently pointing out that someone is wearing something totally inappropriate for Mass. :)

Tracy said...

I like your rant.. I know exactly what your talking about.. must happen in parishes all over the world and definitely one of my top ten peeves!!!

Esther G. said...

I'm with Tracy and the others. I guess if the parents don't tell them, we should be brave enough to teach them how to dress modestly, at least in God's house.

Susan said...

I agree completely with everything you said Nancy. It drives me crazy too and I just DON'T understand it. This is why I sit as close to the front as possible, otherwise it is so distracting and I end up thinking ugly thoughts and not concentrating on the mass. I am not proud of how I feel/react about it.. so trust me.. I get it. Modesty. All girls need to learn it.