Thursday, April 14, 2011

Stopping In...

I thought I would stop by and say hello as it's been over a week since I've been here.  So, "hello"!

For the last several years, trying to get myself focused for Lent has really been a challenge.  I can tell you without a doubt that stepping back from the computer has been a big help!  However, I sure miss it!

Since I'm on my lunch break at work, I thought I might take a few minutes to quickly update you on some of the things going on around here.....

1.  My trip to Rome is in 15 days!  I'm excited yet a little apprehensive.  It's always hard to be away from my family for any reason, but to be so far away can make it harder since if something went wrong, I could not get home quickly.  In addition, I'm a nervous flyer and when I say nervous.....I mean NERVOUS!  Just ask my husband or anybody that has ever flown with me.

I'm all packed and ready to go although the special SIM card for my cell phone has not yet arrived (sigh)!  I need to make sure the laundry is caught up and the grocery shopping has been done so that Dan and the kids can move through the week with ease.  I also need to write down lesson plans so there are no arguments about school work!

2.  Nathan's bird laid an egg last night!  (Although, it is my understanding that eggs are now called "spheres" in certain parts of the world!  Sheesh!)  The darn bird has been shredding her newspaper bedding for over a month!  Nesting is a messy business!  Thankfully, she should get back to her normal routine now....until the next time!  The kids were so excited thinking that there would be a baby bird soon.  I had to break it to them that in order to have a baby bird you need a mommy bird and a daddy bird....and we only have a mommy bird.  Nathan and Amelia were satisfied with that answer....not Amelia!  She wanted to know WHY there needed to be a daddy bird too!  It was not a good day for thinking I just said, "well, don't YOU have a mommy and a daddy?"   She stopped, cocked her head a minute and said..."yep" and ran off!  I dodged another one!

3.  Speaking of  Amelia, I caught her 'kissing the wall" the other night!  Horrified, I asked her what in the heck she was doing!  She informed me that she was practicing for when she falls into a deep sleep and Prince Charming kisses her to wake her up!  When I lifted myself off of the floor.....I swore off all future princess movies from Disney!

4.  Even though we are technically behind in our school work (week 22, if you were wondering) the kids are doing really well and we've finally made it into a good routine.  The sad part is that now I'm freaking out about whether or not they are going to be prepared to go back to school next year.  The school sent an email yesterday saying that Nathan and Amelia will have "assessment testing" during the week I am in Rome.  I know it's a little crazy for me to be so worried about it....but I admit to having a pride issue!

Maybe I could use a few more weeks of Lent!

May God richly bless all of you during these last two weeks of preparation!!

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