Thursday, May 26, 2011

60 Day Photo Challenge - Day 4

*Post a picture of your night*

Honestly, I'm not really sure what this means.  Of my night?  Well, I suppose my night looks pretty much like every body's....sort of like this:

Seriously, this is pretty much what I see at night...when my eyes are closed and I'm sleeping!

I guess it could also mean....what does my city look like at night!  So, here is a picture of the skyline in Jacksonville, night.

The strange shaped building in this picture used to be the Independent Life Building.  Then, years later, it was Modis and now it belongs to Wells Fargo (doesn't everything?).  This was the tallest "skyscraper" in Jacksonville from 1974 to 1990.  This seems funny to me!  I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and this building is NOT a skyscraper!  When you can't see the top half of a building because it's covered with fog, or when the top 20 floors sway to and fro during an earthquake....ONLY then can you call a building a "skyscraper"!

It also seems funny to me that my husband, during his running years, would complain about running up "hills" in certain parts of Jacksonville.  Hills?  Hills?  Where are the hills in Jacksonville?  The highest point in Florida is only 345 ft, and that's in a place called Britton Hill (notice that it's called a hill and not a mountain) which is located in the panhandle.  The highest point in Jacksonville is about, get this, 40 feet!  I suppose you could call that a hill, but I think a "hump" might be a better description.

So there you have night.


KathY said...

I laughed right out loud at your first photo. My night is just like that :) ! Your second photo, well... it, too, is just like many many nights I've known. As a former resident of Jacksonville and working - often at night - along the St. John's, I've seen those things as you do here many many times.

Great post, Nancy.

Holly@A Life-Size Catholic Blog said...

Funny, funny girl! I wondered what was up when I looked at you post in my feed and saw what I assumed was a photo mishap. I cracked up when I realized what you were up to.

Well, we couldn’t live in more different areas of the country. Utah highest elevation is 13,525ft, and it’s lowest is 200ft.

Frizzy said...

I am still laughing at your commentary. You crack me up girl!

Great pictures and information too. I think even I might be interested in running up those "hills." Wink Wink Wink