Tuesday, May 31, 2011

60 Day Photo Challenge - Day 9

*Post a picture of the person who has gotten you through the most*

This is the person who has gotten me through the most!  He has been there through everything...from miscarriages to infertility, through 3 rough pregnancies and 3 Csections (and one very long labor), through financial difficulties, health difficulties, through broken washers/dryers, infestation of fleas, tropical storms, skinned knees, construction of forts, burned biscuits and many, many bedtime stories!

Sometimes, I don't know why he comes home...why he doesn't just keep driving right on passed our house and not stop.  But, he ALWAYS comes home.  There isn't anything he would not do for us!

Thank you, my love, for all that you do for us!  These have been the BEST 13 years of my entire life!
Thank you for loving me!

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Sarah Oldham said...

Great tribute.
I've caught up now. . . loving your photo challenges!
Thank you thank you thank you for the lovely postcard! It's on the 'fridge! I really appreciate it! It means so much to me to know you prayed for us. ;) It was a nice blessing to come home from Seattle to. Mahalo nui loa!