Monday, June 13, 2011

60 Day Photo Challenge - Day 22

*Post a picture of something you wish you were better at*

I wish I was better at gardening.  I don't know what color my thumbs are supposed to be, but I can assure you they are not green!  The soil here in Florida is very sandy...much different from what I'm used to in Northern California.  We've tried tomatoes (I got about 4 small ones), eggplant (this plant looked very healthy and gave me two gorgeous eggplants but that was it), red chili peppers (these are still going strong), and lettuce.  The lettuce did very well!  It gave me about 4 good crops worth.  Then, we had a particularly rainy week and I forgot to check the lettuce!  The next time I went out had grown, grown, grown and had flowered.   The leaves were HUGE...but very tough and bitter.  I pulled the last of the lettuce up about 2 weeks ago.  I also tried growing some carrots.  They didn't get very big....

This was my lettuce before my first crop!  I think it did so well because the Blessed Mother was watching over it!

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noreen said...

Hi Nancy, I do believe that the presence of Our Lady helped your lettuce grow! I'm not a gardener at all... can't get anything to grow nor do we have the space. I do think it's wonderful to have fresh veggies from a home garden.