Monday, August 1, 2011

It's over!

Well, our short stint without traditional school, is over!  As most of you know, our kids will be back in our parish school as of Wednesday the 10th!   A part of me is very sad!  Trust me, it's not because our parish school is bad...on the contrary!  I've always said that if my children can't be home with me, then Assumption Catholic School is where I want them!  The reason why I am sad, is very simple....I'm a mother and I want to be with my children! 

As much as I want to be able to control everything, I can't and the reason why they are going back to school is very much out of my control.  So, I've had to really embrace this decision and to accept it as what's best for our family right now.  Most days, I'm OK with it.

I know most homeschooling families are currently in the middle of selecting curriculum, ordering books, and getting their school rooms in order.  Right now, I'm trying to make a list of resources that I plan to try and sell.  I've had to throw away the CHC catalogue this year.....heartbreaking!  Still, I'm moving on.

This year, Nathan will be in 5th grade!  For the first time, he will have a locker, dress out for P.E. and change classes!  This is an exciting step for him.  He's very excited about being back in school and seeing his friends.  However, he keeps asking me, "Mom, why can't we homeschool again?  I'm going to miss you!"  I think he's right at that slightly awkward stage where he wants/needs independence yet, he wants/needs his mom.  I did my best to explain to him that for everything, there is a season and that we were blessed to have last year together and now, God has allowed a different path for this year. 

Dan and I got a babysitter for last Friday night.  We went out for dinner....ALONE!  We talked and laughed!  It was wonderful!  After dinner, we went school supply shopping.  After price comparing, we ended up at Walmart where we spent $134 on supplies for all three kids!  We both thought the number would be closer to $200 and we were pleasantly surprised!  Right now, our dining room table is spread out in three piles.  Today, I will load up each backpack with new loot!

We also spent about $139 total at the uniform store!  Nathan needed P.E. clothes and a new pair of uniform pants.  The girls have plenty of skorts and shirts that still fit them.  Everybody got new shoes, new socks and haircuts.  As far as I can tell, we're ready, except for a run to Sam's for lunch box items.

The schedule is a little strange this year.  For one thing, they get out an hour early EVERY Wednesday!  I feel bad for parents who both work 40 hours or more a week!  Thankfully, I work only 24 hours a week and so Wednesday will be my one day off so I can pick them up early.  On Wednesday the 10th, Nathan has orientation from 8am to 12pm...the girls are home.  Then, on Thursday the 11th...the girls have orientation from 8am to 12pm and Nathan stays home!  Finally, on Friday, they all go for the entire day!
This will include the Kindergarten "BooHoo" breakfast for Olivia!

Amelia will be beginning 2nd grade which includes First Communion preparation!  This will be a very special time.  I know the teacher she will have will do her very best to prepare her spiritually.  Right now, Amelia is in the middle of the "Me, Me, Me" stage and I'm looking forward to curbing that attitude.  I'm hoping that this year will help her to see that she is not the center of the universe and that she needs to share her world with others!

All in all, I feel OK with where things are.  I've been here before.  We know the routine.  I'm ready to jump through all of the hoops.  I am so thankful that God allowed me to have this past year of homeschooling!  It was truly a gift!  I can't wait to see what wonderful things God has planned for this year!


Dwija {House Unseen} said...

I know it must be sad to make such a big change, but how lucky that you have a wonderful parish school that they can attend! Everything will work out great :)

Easter Almuena said...

Hello there, Nancy. I know many moms who discerned that sending their children to the Catholic school is the best way to go. Two of those kids have graduated and are doing fine. I'm excited for you. Love to you, dear Nancy.

Mary Pauline said...

Love and prayers as you embrace this next phase of your life.

Sarah Oldham said...

It will be great. This is my last year with Christian home. I can't do high school . . . I'm afraid I'd really screw it up! The older two are doing fine so, and they all know their Faith and what we expect. love and hugs to you!

Owner of Homeschool Faith and Family Life Website said...

This post is wonderful. Just like you!