Thursday, August 25, 2011


I should have gone to meteorology school!  Did I call this one or what?  Totally bypassing Florida and aiming right for North Carolina and the Outer Banks.

We've been somewhat cloudy all day.  As it turns out, there are some outer rain bands from the storm that are reaching us.  The forecast calls for "breezy" conditions tomorrow.  Obviously there will be high surf and major rip currents, and probably some beach erosion.  But, North Florida has dodged the bullet...again!  Phew!

We still need to pray for all that end up in Irene's path!  At this very moment, she is a category 3 hurricane....very dangerous.  If you are anywhere near her path and your local authorities are giving you instructions to either leave or begin protecting your life and property....PLEASE HEED THEIR WARNINGS!

We are praying for you!


Just Be Real said...

I am lifting up also in prayer all the people that will be affected by this Hurricane.

Colleen said...

Prayers for all!

noreen said...

Thank God your area was spared! And I've certainly been offering up prayers for those on the East Coast.