Monday, September 19, 2011

She's Alive!

I thought I would post an update.....for the two or three of you that still read this blog!  I'm sorry I've been so bad about posting, but, our lives are very busy right now.  Just to quickly update you....

1.  The girls are playing soccer!  Their practices are at different times...and different days!  Thankfully, their games are on Friday nights so Dan and I can each watch a game and have them covered.  Nathan has choir practice on one day and they all have Rosary Club on Wednesdays.  It's been a chore to keep up with shin guards, cleats, song sheets and rosaries.

2.  We are still getting used to the homework situation.  Nathan and Amelia have homework every night!  Olivia (Kindergarten) only has it about 3 nights a week.  I have to make sure that I check each back pack every night just to make sure I'm not missing something.  Also, if there is a school notice that goes out...I usually get the same notice THREE times!  Therefore there is lots of paper flying around here!

3.  I've had a set back at Weight Watchers.....but I'm working on it!  Enough said!

4.  Dan's Godmother passed away recently.  She was 80 years old but in bad health.  While her death was expected, she and Dan were very close.  RIP, Jule!

5.  While I hesitated for several months, I finally gave in and read "The Help".  It was a good book but it seemed to drag on and on.  I'm told the movie is really good and so I plan to see that as soon as I can.

6.  Dan gave me my Christmas/Birthday present a few months early!  I am now a proud owner of a brand new Nook!  I mulled over the Nook versus Kindle thing for several weeks and finally decided on the Nook.  So far, I'm very happy with it!  Since I can read magazines and newspapers (as well as library books), I've decided that by purchasing this new gadget...I'm also decluttering my house!  If you could see my'd know what I was talking about.  Anyway, it was very reasonably priced, although, I did not purchase the one with all the bells and whistles!  It's less bulky than carrying around a book and so far, the machine itself keeps track of what page I'm no more bent, shredded, folded or missing book marks!

7.  Spiritually, I've been in a bit of a dry spell lately.  It's funny how sometimes I feel like an outsider looking in on my life.  I could give anyone advice on what to do during the "desert" experiences that all of us inevitably have......but I can't seem to think of a single thing when it's actually ME in the arid dryness!  My wonderful friend, Judy from Benmakesten, had some words of wisdom for me recently and she really helped me to see how the enemy can slip in...unnoticed!  It is during these times when I truly identify with the Footprints in the Sand poem!  I know that right now, when He seems so far away from me, it is the time when He is holding me the closest!

I promise to be better about posting!  I have lost of pictures that  need to upload and I have some homeschooling materials that I'd like to put up for sale!  I hope to get back to regular posting soon!  Thanks for hanging in there...I miss you guys!


Therese said...

Looking forward to seeing your photos.Great to read an update from your family Nancy. Tom and Amelia have also gone back to school. They started 3 weeks ago. I am just home schooling Christopher now. It has made my days quite a bit more relaxed.

Sarah Oldham said...

You ought to check out Fired Up A 30 day spiritual cleanse - I'm on day one (the three day prep is excellent; you read all the first half the book - easy reading, and, not too many pages). She does offer on line counsel as well, which I won't use as I have one friend keeping me accountable and I her. You can do this as a group, too.

Colleen said...

Like your update! I have a nook and enjoy it a lot - and it does help out my bookshelves!!
Prayers for Dan's godmother.
Those desert times can be tough. Just got back from a silent retreat. I needed that badly!
God bless!

Owner of Homeschool Faith and Family Life Website said...