Tuesday, November 1, 2011

All Saint's Day....etc...etc...etc...

Nathan has been working on a "Saint" project for the last several weeks.  Included in the grade for this project was completing (and wearing) a costume representing that particular saint for the All Saint's Day Parade that is the tradition at Assumption Catholic School!  The 5th graders got to pick their saint out of a hat.  Please meet.....drum roll please.....St. Lawrence O'Toole!

I can take NO credit for this um...um...."saintliness"!  Nathan and Dan did the whole thing!  Apparently, Dan was looking at a particular picture that he was trying to recreate.  Keep in mind, I think my husband is color blind...he doesn't think so.  Here's the photo of the look he was trying to capture:

See the orange and red yellow and orange miter?  See the flowery patterned cope?  See the pale green vestments?  Well, anyway, you get the picture.  By the way, I'm quite sure St. Lawrence O'Toole wore shoes

The girls, on the other hand were easier.  However,  did drive all over Jacksonville looking for plain black material.  Apparently, so close to Halloween....there wasn't any left.  So, I was left with dark blue habits for my two saintly nuns.  May I introduce you to St. Rita and St. Mary Soledad.....
Can you tell from this picture which one was St. Rita?  I'll give you a hint, she got to wear a teeny, tiny bit of make up this morning...and she was thrilled!  St. Rita, of course, is the Patron Saint of Hopeless Causes.

Here is St. Mary Soledad (who took care of the sick and infirmed....hence the first aid kit because I couldn't come up with anything better) and her second grade teacher, Mrs. Bradley!
Here are a few more pictures from things I've never gotten around to blogging about we've done during the month of October!
Birthday gifts from Aunt Kathy!!  Thank You...we love you!!!

Soccer Sisters!

Olivia and her coach!

Happy 6th Birthday, Olivia!!
Sometimes, when you get scared at night, sisters are the best medicine!

Mom making candy corn treats for Olivia's classroom!

They were a lot harder to make than I first thought!

I finished...all 18 of them (5 cookies in each bag!)

Looking forward to a wonderful November!

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