Saturday, February 11, 2012

Friday Phone Dump

Right before Christmas, I broke our camera.  Yes, it was totally my fault.  I shoved it into my purse one day and something heavy must have been put on top of my purse (my guess...a backpack full of school books).  It cracked the lens and...we had to lay it to rest. 

Because of this monumental tragedy...the only camera we have now is the one on my phone (and Dan's phone).  Suffice it to say, we haven't taken any decent pictures in nearly 2 months!  Once of these days, we'll get a new camera....preferably before Amelia's First Communion in May.

One of my most favorite bloggers, Kelle Hampton at Enjoying the Small Things, has a weekly post that she calls "Friday Phone Dump".  I figured that since we have no camera at the moment, and since I prefer blog posts with pictures, I may as well adopt this weekly post too.  I guess it's worth mentioning that Kelle is a photographer so there will be NO similarities between her pictures and mine!  After all, Kelle has over 17,000 followers!

Since I've got a ton of pictures on my phone, I just picked a few to share with you for this first week.  Next week.....I'll post them all!  Also, I had trouble trying to get the photos from my phone to my computer.  After an hour of trying different things...I just decided to email them to myself and save them to my gallery that way.  It worked but I was too tired by that point to put them in any kind of order.  So here goes....

These were my "teacher gifts" this year!  Painted and then stenciled hand soap bottles!

Nathan's Westward Expansion project....a Davy Crockett doll...he sewed it himself!


Assumption Catholic School 5th Grade singing Christmas Carols (in 80 degree weather) in downtown Jacksonville.

Nathan's first NFL game!  Jaguars vs Chargers!  The Chargers won!

Amelia bumped her eye on the corner of a table on Christmas Eve.  Doesn't her shiner look like perfectly applied make up?  This was NOT make up...this was a bruise!

January Little Flowers Girls Club meeting.  These are our themed notebook pages.  For January, we studied the virtue of HOPE!

Our LFGC snack.....Ivy cake!

Our girls coloring their Saint pages!

I was angry at the kids for picking the camellia's too early.  However, when I saw what they did with them...I had to take a step back and enjoy the simplistic beauty.

My mother-in-laws car after the January 26th accident.

They had to cut out the passenger.

Amelia and Olivia ready for the Father/Daughter Dance

Amelia's 8th Birthday party at Chucky Cheese.

Amelia and Kate in the Ticketblaster!

Nathan's HIVES last weekend!

Olivia fixed herself a fort under her puffy chair.....she fell asleep. 

Yesterday's Kindergarten Mother's Tea!

My place setting at the Mother's Tea

A special time for Olivia and Mom!


Frizzy said...

Great memories and experiences you're creating with your family. Love them all.

So sad to hear about your camera. I don't know what I would do w/o mine.

Therese said...

I only use my phone camera now. I love all the photos here Nancy.

Owner of Homeschool Faith and Family Life Website said...

Your children are SO beautiful.
One would never know the struggles you've been through lately...these pics emanate such JOY-FILLED family times! I admire you Nancy...those LF crafts and snacks are so creative...I feel completely inferior when it comes to things like this...and I must admit...when I see Mother Teas and all the pretty decorations and groups singing at schools....that little voice whispers to me...."See what you are missing by keeping them home?" But...usually...I bring myself back around by assuring myself that I must be where I feel called and this is where I feel matter what frills and fun I must give up to do so.
Anyway...LOVE these glad you shared them! Will have to check out Kelle's blog.