Thursday, March 8, 2012


Facebook is getting on my nerves.  Actually, I guess it's the people on friends.  Sometimes I wonder why I keep my account.  I mean, I enjoy being able to connect with family and friends on a regular basis, but, the world is so political now that it's really hard to go through even one day without ticking someone off or someone ticking me off. 

Sometimes I think we (my friends and I) do it on provoke each other.  That just seems wrong.

I'm tired of always having to avoid the HUGE elephant in the room.  I'm tired of beating around the bush.  Why can't we just agree to disagree on some subjects.

On most days, I'm good at avoiding confrontation.  But lately, I haven't been able to let a good story pass without commenting or re posting it to my wall. Inevitably, someone has commented in a negative way and I feel like I sound like a broken record trying to explain myself.  Why do we do this?

I really, really have to work on letting things slide right off my back.  On the other hand, I could just change the privacy settings on my FB account and not allow people to comment on my status updates.  Or, I could delete the whole account and be done with it.

Did I mention how much Facebook is getting on my nerves????


Frizzy said...


I am very non confrontational and have decided to keep my political opinions off FB for that reason.

It's my opinion. I have a right to my opinion without someone trying to make me feel bad about it.

Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

I'm with you. I feel so strongly about things and feel I must repost for my own sake, yet, I am so tired of arguing. I am not good at it and it literally makes me ill.

Lori said...

I agree with Frizzy. I usually like my FB to be easy, breezy and not a forum for confrontation. However, on another note. My brother recently passed and of my 150 FB friends only 40 made a comment on my posting of this news. I understand many people don't "do" FB regularly, and many private messaged me or I've seen in person but when I see that you have commented on something trivial and can't offer a few simple words to something of significance? Yeah, FB gets on my nerves too.

Sarah Oldham said...

Nancy - precisely! I had my ass handed to me by two old high school classmates (both non-religious) over a post I made (it was a joke, hello!) but others who have known me only a short time, in comparison, KNOW me best (and knew I was joking). From this I learned: I will try and steer clear of political posts, but if I post something political, and someone comments ridiculous tripe, I'll say so. I'm going fist to cuffs from now on . . . my opinion matters, too, and I won't back down any more. But, in the mean time, I'm going to avoid triggers (which basically makes me feel "they won" so to speak, which makes me just as pissed). Bugger it. If people can't take me as I am (screwed up, happy, sad, grieving, whatever - feelings change, people!!!), screw them. I'll try and be polite about it, however. :)

Love ya, chickie!

Sarah Oldham said...

Lori - I am sorry for your loss. May Christ comfort you immeasurably.

Monica B said...

Oh, yes! I really do want to rid myself of FB...but then my whole family and nearly every friend I have is on FB. Nobody seems to communicate with emails anymore...or letters for that matter. I've been in a few battles on FB and have lost two friends because of something they posted and then I felt compelled to reply to. FB is really not such a good thing!