Monday, June 25, 2012

Mary is NOT a hindrance!

For the last few days, my spiritual reading has consisted mostly of the wonderful work by St. Louis DeMonfort, "The Secret of Mary".  I've read it several times before but each time I'm blessed with a new insight of our Blessed Mother.  This morning, I read this (emphasis mine):

No Hindrance to Our Union with God

21.  Let us not imagine, then, as some do who are misled by erroneous teachings, that Mary, being a creature, is a hindrance to our union with the Creator.  It is no longer Mary who lives, it is Jesus Christ, it is God alone who lives in her.  Her transformation into God surpasses that of St. Paul [Galations 2:20] and of the other Saints more than the heavens surpass the earth by their height.  Mary is made for God alone, and far from ever detaining a soul in herself, she casts the soul upon God and unites it with Him so much the more perfectly as the soul is more perfectly united to her.  Mary is the admirable echo of God.  When we say, "Mary," she answers, "God."  When, with St. Elizabeth, we call her "Blessed," she glorifies God.  If the falsely enlightened, whom the devil has so miserably illusioned, even in prayer, had known how to find Mary, and through her to find Jesus, and through Jesus, God the Father, they would not have had such terrible falls.  The Saints tell us that when we have once found Mary, and through Mary, Jesus, and through Jesus, God the Father, we have found all good.  He who says all, excepts nothing;  all grace and all friendship with God, all safety from God's enemies, all truth to crush falsehoods, all facility to overcome difficulties in the way of salvation, all comfort and all joy amidst the bitterness of life.

It's funny to me that most of the disagreements that come from my Protestant friends seem to stem form Mary.  She seems to be the one of the biggest stumbling blocks.  Clearly, that's how satan wants it.  Even as a cradle Catholic, I have had my issues with Marian Doctrine.  Some of it has  been because of a lack of understanding of the true teaching of the Church.  In the past, I allowed the opinions  and arguments of non Catholics and their keen ability (while not intentional..necessarily) to twist the teachings to affect my understanding.

As I come, little by little, to a more mature understanding, I've learned to turn it all over to God!  Everything I read about the Blessed Mother points to Jesus.  The Wedding at Cana clearly exemplifies this when she states, "Do whatever He tells you".  I finally came to a point where I asked God to change my heart to where He wanted it to be on this subject.  I submitted to the teachings of the Church, admitted my lack of understanding and left it there.

I have been attacked, in the past, of blindly following the teachings of the Church.  Of not being able to have my own thought or opinion....of being told what to think and believe.  On the contrary.   I believe that the Magisterium of the Church was planned and intentional by God.  In my opinion, over the centuries, the Church has already done the study, the praying, the interpretation and have come to the conclusions that they have by the aid of the Holy Spirit.  I can rely on that without a doubt.  Therefore I can say, "The Church has come to this conclusion and I submit to that."  They have already done the research and I can confidently say, "I choose to submit". 

God has gently brought me to the place where I am today and I have absolutely NO DOUBTS about where He has lead me.  I feel more confident and sure as each days passes.

Mary, Mother of God, pray for us!

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Colleen said...

Great post. I feel the same.
As a convert, I have learned a lot and grown in my faith. I just read a post the other day about how the church teachings come from Sacred Tradition, Sacred Scripture and the Magisterium. It is called the three legged stool. Barb wrote it at her blog Suffering with Joy. I think you might like that article.
Like you, I don't feel like I follow the teachings blindly at all. I wonder where people get that idea about Catholics. We are not robots. We can think for ourselves. But we know that we are being taught the truth.
I too have grown in confidence. It is a wonderful gift isnt it?