Thursday, August 2, 2012

Rest in peace, Carole.

I had a whole post about my up and coming Home Management Binder scheduled for today.  Then, last night, I received a text from a very dear friend that his mother (who was already in the hospital) had taken a turn for the worse and they were rushing to a hospital in Reno to be with her.

Just minutes later, I received another text that she had passed away.  I was (and I still am) devastated.  I've know this wonderful woman for almost 30 years!

I'm so sad today.  Carole is the mom of one of my very best friends.  I can't tell you how many countless hours I spent in her house over the years.  She was genuinely one of the nicest people I've ever met.  Her kindness and generosity was incredible!  She always greeted me at the door with open arms.  She engaged me in conversation even when I know she was tired and didn't really feel like it.  She cooked and baked like the dickens!  She hosted wonderful parties and was always smiling

Over the last 15 years, we've lived in different states, so our contact has been mostly through Christmas cards and birth announcements.  Still, she always wrote a personal note in her Christmas cards to our family.  She always took that extra step. 

She used to be very famous for her chocolate chip cookies!  Kids would come from all over to gobble them up!  One time, many, many years ago, I asked her if she would mind sharing her recipes for some of her wonderful baked goods!  She said she would be glad to gather those recipes for me.  Instead, what I received, was about 7 or 8 recipes...all beautifully and personally handwritten!  I will treasure these recipes and keep them in a very safe place, but also in a place of honor.

At one time in my life, she and her husband were the closest thing to parents that I had.  They treated me as if I was one of theirs. I will never forget this.

My heart goes out to her family....Lloyd, Bob, Lynn, Elizabeth, Paul, Dana, Sam, Perry, Sandy, Gary, Joel and Amy, as well as all the other people that Carole has touched. It was truly an honor knowing her!

I will cry today.  I may even cry tomorrow too.  But I feel blessed to have known her.  She was very special.

May Eternal Rest Grant Unto Her, Oh Lord, And May Perpetual Light Shine Upon Her.  May She Rest In Peace!  Amen.


Margaret in Minnesota said...

I will pray for Carole and her family, Nancy! What a beautiful life!! I imagine there was an AMAZING reunion waiting for her on the other side.

Perhaps in Carole's honor you could share one of her recipes? Every time I made it, I would think of her.

carrie said...

May Carole rest in peace and may light perpetual shine upon her.

CC Jen said...

I will pray for the repose of her soul, and for peace for her family.