Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The forces are against me!

I can't seem to get ahead.  Seriously. 

Every single time I turn around, I get hit in the gut!  Here's what I mean....

1.  For starters, school is kicking my hiney!!  I pick the kids up after school, we get a snack and then we sit down and do homework.  This year, I have all three of them with homework!  Amelia requires my constant attention.  She can't work on her own.  I'm going back and forth between the two girls trying to keep them focused.  Nathan is pretty much on his own this year, but, he routinely asks for my help too.  I may or may not get dinner on the table.  Truthfully, we've not been eating very healthy lately.  I've used the slow cooker several times, but mostly, we're eating leftovers or something fast.  By the time I can finally breathe (after homework, dinner, dishes, baths and bedtime), I'm usually still wearing my I.D. badge from work!  Although I'm often thinking about my online friends, I don't have much time to post.  When I sit down at the computer, I check my email, check Facebook and try to read my favorite blogs.  If I do get around to composing a post, I fall asleep.  Two weeks ago, I woke up at 5:30am with my laptop still on my lap, and the light still on!

2.  I'm itching to get my OAMC done!  However, in order to do it, I need to do a large shopping trip....which we can't afford right now.  The alternator belt broke on the truck....$200.  The dryer died....$150 for a used one.  There went half the grocery budget for the month!

3.  I finally bought the last of the supplies I need for my Home Management Binder!  This I will complete soon.  I'm so glad!  I'll feel much better when this is all done.  The only thing that I might change is the color of the letters for my front cover.  I bought black, but I think I should go with a different color.  Pictures to follow!

4.  Amelia is struggling in school right now.  It's a continuation of the problems we had last year.  I'm sorry I can't elaborate more right now...I'm just too emotional about it.

5.  I see my oncologist on Thursday.  This always makes me crazy. 

6.  I'm devastated by what has happened with Fr. Groeschel.  I guess people are never allowed to misspeak or make a mistake.  This man has lived his entire life in the service of others and no one will ever remember that now.  They'll only remember these last words.  It's a shame.

It just seems like when I take a step forward, it ends up being two steps back!  The wind has been taken out of my sails several times over the last few weeks.  I'm doing my best to keep going though.   

I think I need a vacation!

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Barb, ofs said...

Peace to your heart! I will keep you in my prayers with all the crazy you are experiencing right now, and tomorrow's doctor appointment. I will also be seeing the doctor tomorrow to follow up after surgery, plus annual GYN torture ;) My discomforts will be offered for your intentions!