Wednesday, August 6, 2008


The pain seems a little worse today! I can't really get comfortable. The drains are a the worst part. Luckily, Dan and my good friend Diane are able to help empty them for me. They say that I should be able to do it myself, the thing is...they are in a real awkward place and it's hard to reach. I have an appointment with the surgeon tomorrow morning. He said he plans to take one of the drains out.....Ouch!!
I sometimes feel alittle woozy when I first stand up. It reminds me alittle of my c-sections...moving very slow and no bending or lifting.
I'm so glad to be home though. Dan has gone to pick up the kids. I missed them so much. I want to see them so bad, yet, I'm scared that they'll get too close and pull on the drains. I did it once by accident and I can tell you....I've never know anything to hurt so bad...including labor!

Well, here's to family, friends and healing!!


Anonymous said...

You will be surprized at how little removal of the drain hurts. The area is usually still numb and you cannot feel it. So don't let that bother you.. Also, are you pinning the drains to the inside of your clothing? It is better than letting them dangle. There should be areas on the drain to pin them to your clothes..You just probalby pull a stitch when you pulled it yourself.. You are a trooper my girl.. Enjoy your babies and let them heal you...Mary Ann

Wendy said...

Hi Nancy:

So glad you are back home and I have been thinking of you so much! I'm praying for you and hoping you feel better soon. Stay Strong!