Thursday, September 11, 2008

Picture sharing...

We decided to celebrate the Blessed Mother's Birthday this year and make a cake for her. The girls and I baked a bundt cake and I made some blue match her flowing robes. Anyway, it was great fun as we did this on Sunday night...sort of helped me to keep my mind off of the fiasco that was to come on Monday. I swear I took a picture of the finished product, but somehow, it's not there now. Our Lady kept watch over the the girls as they worked.
It's important to Dan and I that our kids are at least familiar with the liturgical year. It might seem unnecessary to some, but I want them to know why the colors of the church turn purple in Advent and Lent. I want them to know (and be insterested in) why we strip the altar on Good Friday and why we celebrate the things we do. I would like them to come to know, as I have, the wonderful Saints of our faith who show great strength and virtue. These are the heros and heroines that our kids should identify with. We can learn things together about our faith....and it's fun! I want to pass my faith on to them so they can do the same for their children. In the end, we really have nothing else. Money, property, family photos and heirlooms....these are all nice...but they can't take it with them to heaven (or the other place for that matter!!). What they take in their heart and soul can and will go with them for eternity!!

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