Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Post Chemo #1, Day 6 (morning)

I think they should call this ride the "chemo rollercoaster". There is no guarantee that you'll feel any particular way at any particular time. Yesterday started off yucky but got progressively better. By dinner time, I was feeling well enough to eat and to interact more with the kids. We were even able to do our project for the Feast of the Angels. Although, it was minimized somewhat.
I think I have learned two important things.....#1. When I feel like I can hardly move, I need to not move. That means to just find the most comfortable position I can and lay there. Sleep and rest is the key. #2. I need to eat. Sometimes, the queasiness makes the thought of eating unbearable, but, if you can get just a little something in your stomach...you'd be doing yourself a huge favor.
Although I can't be sure, I'm hopeful that I am on the upswing for feeling better. I know that I have not yet reached the point where my white count will be at their lowest....but maybe my booster shot will help with that and I can just live out the rest of this cycle...tired but functional.

All the numbers on my chemo meter are low this morning. I'd give myself a "2" for overall.
I'll post some pictures later of our tribute to our guardian angels.

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