Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Feast of Angels

I am very fond of our Guardian Angels and this Feast Day. Even as a child, my mom would read to me about them and we would often pray for their protection. I got out of the habit of paying much attention to them as an adult...until I had children. I guess in many ways, parents feel as though we need all the help we can get in taking care of these precious gifts that God has allowed us to have. We cannot be everywhere nor see everything. We must rely on heaven to assist us if we are to live out our faith with any success. It's just how it should be.

Ever since Nathan began school, he and I have said our Guardian Angel prayer in the morning. I am now doing this with Amelia too. To me, it helps to start the day out right. For starters, I wrote the prayer out on lined paper and it has been sitting on our refrigerator now for 3 years. My hope is that the familiarity of it will bring it to their minds and hearts in a time of need.

I might have to rewrite it as it's getting a little torn up.

This isn't the tradition prayer. This one seemed simpler to me and made more sense when praying it with children.

"Guardian Angel, protect me today. Watch over me while I work and play. Let me be kind and loving and good. Help me to do the things I should. Amen"

My goal for celebrating this feast day was first to just talk about our angels. While we did our craft project, Nathan read from the Catechism about angels. We talked about whether or not they had bodies and wings. We discussed where they lived and what their jobs were. We all decided that when you're tiny babies...God actually lets you see them sometimes...but when you're bigger...he doesn't let you unless he needs you to for a very special reason. We all agreed that they are with us all the time and that they never sleep.

The craft was pretty simple...just some votive candles, glass holders and some pretty cool jewel stickers. We also added some ribbon. Each of them got to decorate their glass candle holder with the stick on jewels and then we added the candles and I helped with the ribbon. It was really easy, not at all messy and kept their interest because it was quick. When we were done, we lit the candles and turned out the light.

After lighting them, we set the table for dinner and ate with the candles burning. As part of our blessing, Nathan recited the Prayer to St. Michael. It was my full intention to have made an angel food cake earlier in the day...but...that did not happen for chemo related reasons.

All in all, it was fun and I hope it allows the kids to remember that they are never, ever alone. Heavenly hosts surround them always.

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