Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Why did I do it?

I NEVER watch Oprah. I swear...she has just never appealed to me. Especially lately with the creepy new age stuff she's into (I hear). But, today, I was flying through the channels and noticed that an audience view showed a lot of pink. Since I'm rather new to this breast cancer thing, pink sometimes gets my attention. Well, guess what? Today her show was about breast cancer. I didn't stay long....just enough to see Christina Applegate and the founder of the Komen Foundation talk about their experiences. And, long enough to remind me that this IS a life threatening illness and that regardless of the odds...me, my body, my will and my spirit must fight this!!! It has to be done! I guess even during treatment you can get lulled into thinking that all that your "doing" will be successful and that I'll "never" have to worry again. WRONG.
This is my life, my new "normal". Everything that I do from now on out will always be seen through the back drop of cancer. Sometimes I still can't believe that this has happened to me.
Why couldn't it have been something like chronic bunions or lifelong hay fever? Why did it have to be cancer?

I'm having a pity party...ya'll want to come?


Anonymous said...

Hi Nancy,
I found you by way of 'Sun and Candlelight' and just wanted to tell you I'm adding you to my prayer list. Three years ago, this month, my daughter was diagnosed with breast cancer. A few weeks later she realized she was also pregnant. She started her chemo during her 2nd trimester. She delivered a beautiful and healthy baby boy then continued her treatment. Today she is healthy but she really eats well and that is so important.

May God bless you on this journey! Know that people in TX are praying for you!!!

Nancy said...

Thank you so much! God Bless your daughter and grandson!!
I treasure your prayers!


Tina said...

Hello Nancy,
I, too, found you by way of "By Sun and Candlelight". My mom is a breast cancer survivor going on 12 years or so, now. I will be keeping you and all of your intentions in my prayers.