Monday, October 6, 2008


Had some lab work today. Unfortunately, they weren't able to get a any blood return from my port! That meant....several more sticks in my arm. Some days you just can't win for losing. The good news was that my white count was up! I'm very glad about that. Hemoglobin was down from 12.1 on the day of chemo to 10 today....all still within an acceptable range. I have blood taken one more time before my next treatment. I can hardly wait!

I'm sorry that I don't have any pictures of the Oktoberfest. Truth be told...Dan was in charge of the you have it! It was a great success though! The kids had a blast. The weather was and breezy.

Tomorrow morning is the Sarah Palin rally here in Jacksonville. I'm looking forward to it! The spunk and "real life" attitude is a breath of fresh air in this nauseating campaign. I used to be a news junkie. I mean, I really couldn't go longer than an hour or so without being plugged in to what was going on around the world. I must tell you....I don't much care anymore. I am so very worried about this country and the way it is headed. I can hardly stand to watch it. Part of me would like to take my family and move south to the Ave Maria community here in Florida. I know I'm supposed to be prepared to "give an account" of what I believe. I'm tired of listening to the lies being spewed from the mouths of the left and I'm especially tired of the right not stepping up to the plate to set the record straight. I'm so tired of all of the talking heads who never shut up! I can not....and will never vote for a candidate that thinks murdering babies in the womb is ok. I can not....and will never vote for a candidate that thinks it's wrong to try to save a baby born alive after a botched abortion....who is ok with putting said child in a trash can and letting he/she die alone. I can not....and will never vote for a candidate that says it's ok for a minor to have an abortion without notifying a parent....especially since that same minor can't get an ibuprofen at school without parental permission. I can not...and will never vote for a candidate that wants to engage in income redistribution. I can not....and will never vote for a candidate that associates or has associated in the past with people like Bill Ayers and Jeremiah Wright.....people who degrade the United States of America and all that it means at every chance they get. I can not.....and will never vote for a candidate that doesn't answer a single question asked except by changing the subject or pointing a finger in the opposite direction. I can not....and will never vote for a candidate who chooses a CINO (Catholic In Name Only)as his running mate...who openly mocks the Catholic Church and her teachings and who takes Our Lord into his mouth on a routine basis while allowing babies in the womb to be ripped limb by limb....just to get rid of the "inconvenience".

I think it's really disgusting how violence and graphic scenes are prevalent in Hollywood these days. You can watch people being shot, tied up, raped, throats slashed and even being burned alive. This is all cool and apparently "necessary" in order to get a point across. It is the same case with these video games. Sex, drugs, violence...all over the place. Why isn't there one instance of a live abortion shown on tv? Why? If it's so "ok" to do...if it's only getting rid of an inconvenience...why don't they ever show it. You can watch live child birth....there's even a show about a morgue. abortion. Why is everyone so afraid to see what so many are fighting to keep legal?
I'll tell you why.....because most people....even most people who consider themselves "pro Choice" have no stinking idea what occurs during an abortion.....that's why. If they did....the truth would be out there....that it's pure murder. During certain times of the year, I'm not allowed in certain areas of the beaches here in Florida so as not to disturb the turtles. If I do....I've committed a federal crime. However, I can go to a any stage pregnancy....including 40 weeks and have the child killed. This is ok....but getting near a turtle's nest will land me in jail. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE PEOPLE!!!!

We are in so much trouble folks! Sometimes I wonder why God allows all of this to go on. He must be so disappointed in us. Someday, His judgment will come...and it will be complete.
These babies need our help...they need our prayers. The abortionists need our prayers too, although's harder to pray for them. We need healing in this land. We need to turn from our wicked ways. Please pray with me...for the babies, for the mothers, for the families, for the truth to come to light.

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Anonymous said...

Please take part of this entry and put it as a letter to the editor for the FTU. We need more people to speak up. I was trying to write something like said it better than I could.