Saturday, November 1, 2008

National Education Association

Have any of you read this? This is the National Education Association's 2007 Convention Resolutions. I must be honest....I'm not exactly sure what the NEA's "resolutions" actually mean. In other they really hold any significance at all or is this just their "wish list".

All I can say is that I'm very glad that my children attend catholic school....for now. Next year, we will have 3 school age kids and I'm not sure our financial situation will be any better. As it is now, we couldn't do it at all without the help of Dan's parent's. My plan was to begin homeschooling this year....but because of my cancer diagnosis and treatment, God knew better and made other arrangements. I will forever be grateful to my mother/father in-law for their unselfish help with tuition.

My goal is to begin homeschooling next year. However, Dan's job and my cancer journey will need to be considered before we make any decisions. I have been researching curriculum for several years and I do have a plan in place if and when we decide to make this change. I would have liked to have started when I only had to deal with one doing school, but, I know many moms who have begun with more and are doing just fine and as a matter of fact, are very successful.

With Obama almost assuredly our next president, I'm very concerned about the choice to home school being either taken away completely or the rules changing drastically. While admittedly, I don't know the specifics of his views on homeschooling, my gut feeling says..."do it now while it's still legal and easy".

As a parent of school age children, I was shocked at this NEA resolution document. I'm not sure why the NEA needs to make a resolution about the international court, the United Nations or global warming for that matter. The resolution on homeschooling is astonishing!!!

I don't fault anyone for choosing public school for their kids. This is a personal and private decision. I just want them to know what is going on "behind the scene's" of the NEA and the teacher's union. Again...this document might mean absolutely nothing....or it could create issues for people as we move away from what our founding father's intended. Just be aware and listen carefully to what your children are being DO have a choice!!


Therese said...

I am thankful our children are in Catholic school, but this is downright wrong. I am fearful of the education system changes that will come.

Ambrose said...

I think the resolution concerning closed school buildings is particularly directed at the charter school movement, but I have to ask, for what else is a building full of classrooms suited?
And the one about family planning--ai-ya!

I am a strong believer in public education being available because it is something that makes the US great. However, when it takes the shape of brainwashing--I am so glad we aren't in that system right now.