Sunday, November 2, 2008

Pictures from Halloween

The girls were cheerleaders (obviously). Their favorite part was getting to wear some lipstick and eye make up. Nathan had gone to his cousins right after school so I never did get a picture of him in his costume....he was Indian Jones. The picture of him above is from the pumpkin patch.
They got more candy than they could eat in a lifetime! I will slowly remove it from the house until by will be all gone!!
Now we get to focus on Thanksgiving and all that we're thankful for. I plan on doing a Thanksgiving tree this year. I will have to work around my next chemo treatment (which is the 6th). Hopefully I will feel well enough to follow through, but, I know I'm better off with a plan.
As an extended family, we have not talked about what we plan to do for Thanksgiving. Last year, Dan and I were in Rome celebrating our 10th anniversary. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner at Cardinal Levada's home. We had all the traditional American dishes as well as some awesome home made pumpkin ravioli!
I know that whatever we do...we will be together...thanking God for all of our blessings!


Tracy said...

Wonderful pictures!!!

aspiring said...

Wonderful photos!

You came to mind this morning, Nancy. Many close friends of mine have cancer - just want you to know I pray for you and for each of them, by name.

You might enjoy a story my priest shared at Mass yesterday. I wrote it up in a blog post called 'from life, to life.'

aspiring said...

Nancy, may I add something to your site regarding the election? If not - I understand and thank you anyway.

The election - how daring are you?

The time for all the words, banter, claims and disclaims is over. Can you feel it? Can you feel our Father calling us to quiet communion and solidarity with Him instead? And to soberness of will.

The babies lost by violence of abortion - and by death of artificial contraception, too - WILL be a reality to be reckoned with in the end.

The babies had a body and they have souls and unending life. That accounts for much.

I don't mean a reckoning at the end of the election - but at the end of one's life on earth or at the end of time. The reckoning may be between each of us and God, or maybe between each of us and that host of babies. Who can know? Will the babies convict the guilty? Will the guilty come to convict themselves? Will the babies forgive the repentent? Who can know?

Our Father reigns sovereign. Pray for all people of the world to see His Hand in the outcome, whatever it is, and continue in communion with Him.

Join our Father in the quiet, in prayer, in communion, in fasting, in solidarity.

Those with argument, have no argument. Abandon them for the time being.

in Jesus, aspiring +