Friday, November 7, 2008

Quick update

I went for my Neulasta shot today. My heartburn is almost unbearable. I mean, it is almost constant burning in my chest. I hate this part!! I know this usually lasts at least a week and then starts to taper off.
My sister-in-law is coming to pick up the kids soon. She will keep them overnight and all day tomorrow for me since Dan has to work. This helps me more than she'll ever know!! I know they are taken care of and I can relax without guilt. I find myself much more grumpy since going through chemo. Unfortunately, the kids take the brunt of it. I'd never make a good martyr.!
Thank you all for the supportive emails/comments! I really could not do this without all of you.


Therese said...

still praying for you! Get some good rest!

scmom (Barbara) said...

Will remember you in our daily prayers from now on. I hope your heartburn gets better. Can you use Mylanta or something?

Journey of Truth said...

BIG prayers coming your way! I pray Our Lady keeps you under her protective mantle.

aspiring said...

Likewise, Nancy, you and your family remain in my prayer, along with five others in my life who are struggling with cancer. Unlike the others, it must be so physically and emotionally difficult to go through this while raising small children. God be with you.
in Jesus, aspiring +