Saturday, November 8, 2008

Saturday Update

I'm actually doing pretty well at this point! The heartburn is something I guess will just be with me until this whole ordeal is over. It is very uncomfortable but, as long as I'm careful with what I eat, when and how much....I can somewhat control it. The fatigue is also an issue. I tried folding a load of laundry this morning and realized that I can't hold up my arms for very long....even just to fold shirts. I get tired easy walking from one end of the house to the other.
I've been sitting in the recliner today, just resting and watching cooking shows.

Several months back, we bought tickets to a Michael W. Smith/Steven Curtis Chapman concert down at the ampitheatre in St. Augustine. We bought them without knowing my chemo schedule at all. We just hoped that it would all fall into place. Well...this isn't what I had in mind. I mean, I'm on day 2 post chemo and so I'm sure this will be a struggle. Although, again as I said above, I'm feeling better than I thought I would at this point for round 3. I'm still taking the steroids so I'm sure that is one reason why I still have some energy. I take my last dose of that tomorrow. Monday and Tuesday will be the "come down" days from the steroids and I'll probably spend those days crying like a baby. I'm amazed at how chemo effects your entire being...not just physcially, but mentally and emotionally too.

Thanks for all of your prayers and support! You really do help me to keep strong and focused!
I am especially thankful for you (my cyberfriends) today and will pray for you all tonight during the concert.

More updates soon.


Tracy said...

My sister, her hubby and my parents are going to see M.W.Smith when he comes to North Dakota this month, they are so excited!
I'm so sorry you are having so much heartburn and fatigue.
Are you a person that usually suffers with heartburn or is this a first for you? I myself have it all the time, I have to be on meds for it and it is such a pain in the butt! It just feels like the acid is eating the lining of my stomach and throat, not fun at all!!
I am praying that you'll have more energy and no more heartburn.
Peace Be with you:)

Therese said...

I am so jealous. I wish I could see them both. That would be a great night.

I have passed an award onto your blog.

See my blog for details.


Stephanie said...

Praying for you. Hope you enjoy the concert!