Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veteran's Day

Ordinarily, my kids would have had today off from school, but, because of a few days off at the beginning of the summer for Tropical Storm Fay....today is a make up day. I'm still not feeling well enough to tackle the Veteran's parade today so we'll celebrate quietly. If I can manage to get moving today...here are my plans:

  • Get the kitchen cleaned and prepare for dinner. Tonight's menu: Crock pot pork chops with fresh green beans and a side of noodles.

  • Put away folded laundry.

  • Put up base for our Thanksgiving Tree.

  • Have the kids cut out the leaves when they get home from school. After school snack: cheesesticks, sliced fresh strawberries.

  • Complete homework.

  • Call Grandpa and Uncle Mark to thank them for their service.

  • Pray a family rosary for our veteran's and all who will serve our country.

  • Collapse (uh...that would be me)

I wonder how much of this will actually get done? Well...either way, it's good to have goals...right?


Tracy said...

a Thanksgiving tree? I don't think I've heard of this before, sounds interesting!!

Therese said...

Don't know if you're up to it, but I gave you an award! You deserve it!