Saturday, February 28, 2009

Lenten Mission

I am so excited!! Our Lenten Mission this year will be given by Fr. Kevin Barrett. Fr. Kevin is an International Chaplain for the Apostolate for Family Consecration. This apostolate was founded by Jerome and Gwen Coniker.

To begin with, here is a little "fact sheet" about this lay movement. The mission is , basically, to consecrate families to the Holy Family.

I encourage you to visit their site for the Family Consecration and their site specifically for Catholic Familyland.

Here is the scheduled for our wonderful mission week:

Monday-March 2nd
10:00am - Introducing an On-line, Interactive, Family Catechism and Familyland TV
7:00pm - SIN, the cause of all unhappiness

Tuesday-March 3rd
10:00am - Conversion at Fatima
7:00pm - GRACE, more powerful than sin

Wednesday- March 4th
10:00am - Families Helping Families Get to Heaven: the Power of Marian Consecration
7:00pm - HOLINESS, faithfully fulfilling our daily religious and worldly duties

Thursday-March 5th
10:00am - Catholic Familyland, A Place Set Apart for Families
7:00pm - CONSECRATION, to Jesus through Mary, in union with St.Joesph! We can offset the evil in this world!

I am so very excited for this mission. I was first introduced to this apostolate a few years ago when Jacksonville hosted a 'Theology of the Body" conference. I was really impressed with the Family Catechism. A very good friend of mine and her family have been to Catholic Familyland several times and recommend it to anyone interested. It is very reasonably priced.

The family is under attack and I know of no better way to handle it than to use everything that God has given us through the Church. I believe this is a powerful weapon! Consider doing some kind of family consecration and home blessing this Easter season. If you've done it in the past...redo it! We can make a difference in this world!

If any of you happen to be in the Jacksonville area this week...don't hesitate to stop by, we would love to have you!


ACMiH said...

Nancy, my friend is going to be so jealous! She just loves Father K.'s talks. Have a great time.

Easter A. said...

Nancy, it is good to be back here!

How happy I am to read this post! I met Mr.Coniker himself when he came to our diocese. I am looking forward to attending a camp one summer while my older kids are not in college yet... better plan it already! :-) This is a great post!

p.s. Please visit my other blog, A Tribute to Our Priests. I interviewed Fr. John Speekman from Australia and featured him there. I know he will be happy to hear from you. Thanks, Nancy.

p.s. you will love his response, especially on prayer. :-)

Easter A. said...

p.s. Just like Esther, I want to say: Have a great time!e

aspiring f.o.o.L. said...

"If any of you happen to be in the Jacksonville area this week..."

Oh, Nancy, don't I wish!

Jacksonville is soooo nice this time of year. When I lived there I worked very near downtown and commuted from southwest of town. Now, even after all my time away, every February and March, the azaleas blooming EVERYwhere come to mind. Under massive canopies of trees and streams of sunlight. Big bushes taller than I am EVERYwhere. Walls of them sometimes. And smaller bushes and lone blooms dotting anywhere they could get. And the air? There was something... something in it very close in an intimate way and penetrating and balmy and healing to both the body and the soul. Not heat. I can feel it again as I write, but can't quite put whatever it was, for me, into words at the moment.

So, yes, I'd love to get out of the ice storm. But only briefly! I also know what comes after February and March: summer for nine months. :)! The north offers free air conditioning. :)! That's been my take on winter ever since 'time served' in the south.

God love and bless you, you so remain in my prayer, and thanks for the "walk."