Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mary Pope Osborne

Well, we made it! I didn't think we would! We left right after school and drove over to the newest Barnes and Noble in the city. The famous author (Magic Treehouse series) was to begin the book signing at 5:00pm. We arrived at about 3:05pm. Someone at the door showed us to the end of the line...or so I thought. It kept winding and winding around more book aisles! I wasn't really sure that Nathan and the girls (as well as myself) would be able to keep it together for two hours until they told us that this was just the line just to get the armbands which tell you which number place in line you are! Oh my!
I called Dan to see if he could leave work a little early and come to help me. Thankfully he got there about 4:00pm and took the girls home. The store was packed and there was no place to sit except the floor. I have absolutely no problem with sitting on the floor...at all! My problem comes when I try to get up!
Anyway, we had a wonderful time. Although we never really got her autograph (she has a broken wrist), we did get to have the books stamped with her signature and they allowed us a picture. Nathan was thrilled! Can you tell?? I'm happy to announce that she has at least another 4 books in the works.
Right now, it's 9:46pm and Nathan is still awake! He begged me to let him stay up to read the new Magic Treehouse book I bought him today! How could I resist!


Chris said...

I can never deny the kids late nights when they want to do something as sinister as reading, either! Sounds like a very nice afternoon with Nathan.

~ Judy ~ said...

WOW! Good for you guys! How fun!

Sarah (JOT) said...

That's so great! He looks over the moon happy! I'll get the box of books off to you/him Saturday. Thanks for taking them off my hands! Many blessings,

Therese said...

How cool! Peter loves those books!

Tracy said...

way to go!! the picture says it all:)