Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook...

Outside my window... a perfect sunny, spring day here in Jacksonville. I'm watching the squirrels chase each other around the base of the big Oak tree.

I am thinking... about a call I just received from our pastor about someone at church who is having major surgery tomorrow for a cancerous tumor. She is a young, single mom and I want to be able to help her while honoring her dignity.

From the learning rooms... although we don't home school in the official way....I still work with the kids on those things that they struggle with. I received the results of Nathan's ITBS testing scores and we need to work on his math.

From the kitchen...I'm not sure yet. Not enough leftovers from last night's dinner....probably Polish sausage with brown rice and a veges.

I am wearing... still in my pj's (yes and it's 10:56am).

I am reading... Walk Away the Pounds by Leslie Sansone and Weight Watchers magazine. At some point I'm going to need to quit reading about it and DO IT.

I am hoping... to be able to make it to Barnes and Noble by 5pm tonight so that Nathan can meet Mary Pope Osborne (author of the Magic Tree House books) and have his book signed.

I am creating... a plan for Nathan's First Communion celebration.

I am praying... for a cure for cancer soon and for all those suffering with the disease in some way or another.

One of my favorite things...having a date with my husband. We're planning one for this next weekend!

A few plans for the rest of the week...getting to that book signing today, beginning my Walk Away the Pounds program and starting Weight Watchers (AGAIN), getting the girls haircut and cleaning up the back yard as we are going to have Nathan's First Communion party outside.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...

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Sarah (JOT) said...

Nancy - this is a very honest gift from me if you want it. I have a slew of those Magic Treehouse books if your son is interested. My email is oldhamdj(at)comcast(dot)net . . . I can send you the list of titles he has and you can take what you want or all of them. FREE. Let me know. I do not want to move them to HI and I'm willing to mail them to you. They are in almost near mint condition. :)

Easter A. said...

Nancy, beautiful! You are in my daily prayers. Can I put you down for prayer intercessions through Blessed Mother Marianne? Leave a message on my blog. If yes, I will put your name below the prayer for Mother Marianne, which is on my sidebar. God heal you!

Michele said...

I love these. I used to do this on my blog. Seeing this on yours inspires me to start it back up again.