Saturday, May 30, 2009

Planned Parenthood Boycott List

My wonderful friend Barbara from Praying for Grace reminded me that this is only a PARTIAL list. If you become a member at Life-Decisions, you are entitled to a COMPLETE list....Barbara says at least 10 times the amount of businesses! I would also like to note that writing letters to the CEO's of these companies DOES work. Many have been removed because they discontinued contributing to PPH! Thank you Barbara!!!!!!

Take a good look at this partial Boycott List of contributors to Planned Parenthood. I must admit, when I first received this list (and it changes all the time), I was shocked at which companies used my money to contribute to Planned Parenthood. Admittedly, it is not always in our control to make a change to another company, but I think most people can do a reasonable job of changing what they can.


Adobe Software, Agfa-Gavaert Films, Bank of America,
China Products, CBS TV, BET, MTV, Chevron/Texaco,
Cigna Health, Clif Bars, Color Me Mine,
Dallas Cowboys, Disney & ABC TV, Dupont Products,
E-Bay/PayPal/Skype, Forbes Publishing, Four Seasons Hotels,
Gannett/USA Today, Glaxo/Smith Kline, Goldman Sachs,
GWI Software, Hearst Publishing, Highsmith School Sup,
Hooters Restaurants, Holiday Inn/Crowne Plz, Jax Jaguars,
Johnson & Johnson, JP Morgan Chase, Kenneth Cole,
Kernels Snacks, Kimpton Hotels, Laureate Education,
Lettuce Entertain You, Levi Strauss/Dockers, Lost Arrow Products,
Lowe's Hotels, Madison Chemicals, Marriott Hotels,
Merck Pharmaceutical, Microsoft, Midas Mufflers,
Mutual of America, National Amusements, Nationwide Insurance,
NY Times, Nike Sports, Northern Trust Bank,
Oracle Software. Pizza Pizza, Qualcomm Comm.,
Silicon Space, Sonic Restaurants, Symantec software,
Tiffany's Stores, Time Warner/AOL, Torstar,
Vulcan Broadcasting, Wachovia/Wells Fargo, Whole Foods Markets,
William Companies ,Winter Hawks, Working Assets ,
Wyeth Pet Foods, YSI Environmental, Secular Media

Source: Life Decisions-updated May 2009 (

Please prayerfully consider changing the ones that you can.

I get this information from a wonderful newsletter I receive every month called Christian Action News. It is published solely to enlighten, encourage and empower the "silent majority" to effect positive change. The news, views and opinions expressed as well as actions suggested are those of the writers and/or sources noted and not necessarily those of the officers of LIFE/CAN Inc.
Referral to sources or websites are not an endorsement of those sources or any specific websites.
For your copy of the newsletter (which I highly recommend), contact 772-219-1144 or


scmom (Barbara) said...

As a member of Life Decision International I receive a complete list quarterly, and it is (at least) ten times the length of the list you have published here.

Molly said...

Thanks for the list.

It has been a while since I've seen an updated one.

Jenny Reed said...

I agree with planned parenthood a woman has the right to choose when with whom and how many children she has not her husband not her preist and not god. I wonder if you will publish this comment.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much.Plan Parenthood is evil.No one has the right to take a life.My faith teaches me life begins at conception and so abortion is murder no matter how people want to sugar coat it.
I will pray with you over this matter.

Anonymous said...

Jenny, there's much you don't know and often one like you can't be faulted but pitied instead... but yes honey, yes, there there and all that... you do indeed have the right to kill life, specifically babies. Feel all better now? If you have any (real) questions - not attitude - say so here and any of us will answer in like (real) manner. God be with you now and always - really. actually. That's a moot point. He is with you, period. And you know it too, don't you dear.

Anonymous said...

p.s. Jenny, what's not to publish anyway? from Nancy's post? Are you projecting your own distaste for what you've said onto her? I'11 tell you what - When YOU want your comment deleted, and that day will arrive, let her know. I bet she will.

Anonymous said...

I'm with the first Anonymous. She just doesn't know, accountable though she may be.

FRIENDS OF NANCY, lift this girl up in love and to love as we know it - which is not the kind she can even imagine yet.

Pray for her. She will change her tune. Something will happen. With prayer, it's guaranteed. Is anyone in?

Are you ready for this Jenny?

(Nancy, I'm a regular poster. Sorry to do this anonymously. Love to you.)

Gramma 2 Many said...

What a sad commentery on the direction we have chosen to go.

Jenny Reed said...

“Pity” an interesting choice of word,
Would you feel the same for the women who under Chowchesque dictatorship demanded that they have a minimum of 5 children or the women who have no rights in a patriarchal society having to keep on producing children causing there body’s and mental health to suffer. A woman belongs to herself created from nature to be returned to it upon death and along the way she has the right to be all she can be whether it is mother by choice or not this was told to me by my Mother who was ordained a priest not vicar, but priest in a mainstream, conventional, conservative religion. Women are beautiful and so many ways. Freedom of choice is nothing without fellowship in which to rejoice, and shame on those women who seek to repress that choice.
It is also interesting that you post anonymously, please why is that? , it leaves me wondering why you feel the need to hide, pity that you felt you had to.

Nancy said...

Hi Jenny....
I always appreciate comments on my blog...especially when they are thought provoking and can inspire a good debate.
I am curious about one thing though.....I'm not sure how your comments actually relate to my post about the Planned Parenthood Boycott list.
The point of my post was that, since I am NOT a supporter of Planned Parenthood, I also don't want any of my money to support them. I am grateful for the opportunity to know which companies contribute to PPH so that I can avoid using those products or services (whenever possible)so that I can do something "tangible" to NOT contribute to them.
I am sure that you would not want any of your hard earned dollars going to an "anti-abortion" organization that would seek to eradicate PPH.
See, I think we should all be informed and make choices based on that information as we see fit.
I have many other posts which I think would have "pressed your buttons" more than this one. are welcomed here!

Jenny Reed said...

No, I just hate to see ignorance wrapped up and hiding behind the tag of religion. I too am pro choice where abortion is concerned. The courts I believe in the case of roe v wade decreed that a child was not considered to be a child until it was born and a death certificate could be issued. No death certificate to my recollection is given if a foetus becomes unviable in the womb.

“Roe v. Wade held that a mother may abort her pregnancy for any reason, up until the "point at which the fetus becomes viable.’

I site Wikipedia, although not given academic status it is a good pace to go for summarizing most topics.

aspiring f.o.o.L. said...

With you all the way, Nancy (: !

(FYI. Some of the most thoroughly argued debates on this and other issues are at Search on 'abortion' once you get there. I've seen the last year's posts or so. Search on 'moonbat,' too, while you're there for other interesting posts.)

Nancy said...


Your comments still don't relate to the post. I have several friends who are against supporting Planned Parenthood and who are anti abortion and do not subscribe to any religious authority. There are some who just believe it is wrong to kill for convenience...period!
And trust me on this one...I know all about ignorance. All of us are guilty of ignorance on some things....
Anyway, again, my post was not at all relgious in nature, but, if you think I"m ignorant because I support boycotting Planned Parenthood because I think what they do there is evil, then...maybe I am.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nancy,
I support you in this matter. Jenny's comment has nothing to do with your post. You were not asking people to state how they feel about abortion.I am praying that Jenny will someday see the truth. Life begins at conception. The courts may not agree with that but God's Word is very clear about this. Murder is murder. Whether the person is 1 second or 100 years old.I too don't support PPH.

Allison said...

Thanks for posting the list and where to get one, I had not seen this before.
What I will never understand is how a baby in the womb is any less human that a baby out of the womb. Were not you and I once a baby in a womb? So as we are humans now, how could we not have been humans while still in the womb? I don't think that since we exited the womb we transformed into a human..
Is any other animal in its mother's womb any less of that animal? Say a puppy in the womb, is that not a puppy?
Either way, thanks for posting the list. I just wish businesses didn't feel the need to take stances on issues such as these.

scmom (Barbara) said...

Another thing the Life Decisions Boycott list does is tell you what brands are made by each boycotted company. For example, I have all of the television channels and specific titles of the periodicals under the Time Warner umbrella (canceled my own Southern Living subscription when I read them), the names of all the drugs made by Johnson & Johnson, all products on grocery store shelves by any individual company. It's very helpful when supporting the boycott.

Tracy said...

thank you for posting this list!!

Jenny Reed said...

Hi, thought I would stop by and glean the list and your links even though we seem to have opposing views, do you realise the list you have printed is useful to me not to boycott the companies listed but helps me to know that I am spending my dollars in a purposeful way. Thank you

Nancy said...

Whatever floats your boat!
We should cancel each other out nicely!

Anonymous said...

Go Nancy!!!!! Hope to see all of you at the march on PP Houston Mega murder clinic (will be the second largest in the world, second to China) we have to be free of Eugenics once and for all! If woman truly understood what the founder Margaret Sanger meant for Planned Parenthood to be, then all minorities out there would boycott and let their voices be heard!!! No more silent Hitlers, wolves in sheeps clothing!