Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sunday Fun

I thought I would share some random shots from our day today....

We ran across a slip-n-slide in the garage today! I'm not sure where we got it (or when) but it sure was an answer to prayer today. It was well into the 100's when these pictures were taken.

The girls are always ready to pose.......they're just two big hams!!

Last year sometime, I received some of these flower seeds as a gift. I don't have a green thumb, but, I scattered them around the yard to see what would happen. Nothing happened last year....but look what showed up this spring! Aren't they gorgeous!

Aren't these so pretty?

For Mother's Day, Dan bought me one of those "upside down" tomato plant thingys that the advertise on tv. To tell you the truth, I wasn't sure it would work....but look!!! My first cherry tomatoes of the season. I can't wait until I can pop one of those suckers right in my mouth!!

This is also a picture of our first pecans of the season! We have two beautiful trees that give us lots of least until the squirrels get to them!

This is our outdoor cross. Our Lord watches over our kids as they play. We also use it for our outdoor Stations of the Cross during Lent.

It was so hot this afternoon that these flowers were wilting. I think it made our Blessed Mother sad to see them shriveling up!

Dan and the kids brought this home to me one day when I was under the weather. I think they are petunias. Anyway....just when I think they're going to die...they perk back up! I love flowers!

This is the bumper sticker on our car. I love making a statement when we drive around!

Thanks for stopping by!! Oh, and Nathan is feeling better! He tried to play in the water with the girls...but he just wasn't up to it. He's been on the couch all day! I guess Star Wars: The Clone Wars is a good remedy for the stomach flu!


Aussie Therese said...

I love slip and slides. We set one up one summer here and had a huge water bill. When we got the water bill, Steve said no more slip and slide and we bought a pool.

Sarah said...

Love the flowers. Glad everyone is feeling better. Happy Father's Day to Dan. God bless you all.

~ Judy ~ said...

Such lovely flowers and beautiful children!!!
We have outdoor stations too! Don't you just LOVE that? My son made a huge wooden cross and he leads our procession in his accomplished "Altar Server style"!
A pecan tree (or bush?) ?!?! WOW!!!
That is awesome!!! Did you grow it yourself?
And my kids have always wanted one of those cherry tomato upside down thingies! I can't wait to show them YOURS!
Glad everyone is feeling better now!

Therese said...

Beautiful flowers! And the kids look like they are having a great time!